The Topic was Fractured Fairytale

Monthly Writers Club

This months topic was to be Fractured Fairytales. You would think I would write something in the 30 days I had between each gathering, but, alas, I did not. Nope. I decided the best time to write was the hour before the meeting. The following is the result.

My take on Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time a long time ago in a galaxy far far away in a place most of us will not go there lived a Princess who was to be Queen. Her father was the King and he had married some old TV star whose last gig was the Real Housewives of Neverland. She had had a ton of plastic surgery so she could remain looking 30. It didn’t work and everyone could tell that the Princess’ Stepmother had had several procedures done. Even on the late night talk shows the hosts would ask what she had done recently. This miffed the Stepmom.  She was pretty certain that she was as beautiful as when she was young. Stepmom was also pretty sure that people were comparing her to the Princess who was quite naturally stunning. It was bad enough that the Princess was beautiful, the Stepmom also knew that as long as that Princess was around she would never ever be the Queen.   Seriously, who doesn’t want to be the Queen? So Stepmom did what she had to do. She poisoned the Princess. 

Unbeknownst to the Stepmom, not only was the Princess beautiful, she was also kind to everyone. Kind was something Stepmom was not. Due to the Princess’s kindness and great beauty she had friends everywhere and the little people ( who weren’t really little just the maids and staff)that inhabited the palace had heard of the queen’s diabolical plan to off the Princess. So they quickly switched out the poison for a tonic that would make the Princess sleep very deeply for a long time.  When the Princess drank the Italian soda with just the right amount of cream in it that the Stepmom gave her, she instantly fell to  the ground  in  a  deep sleep.

Seeing her plan had worked, the Stepmom started crying out loud and gnashing her teeth. She cried out for the King to “come see his daughter was dead”.  Again , because petty people are petty, and usually dumb as rocks, the Stepmom was unaware that the little people had installed cameras everywhere for  castle security. Of course the Stepmom’s foul deed was recorded and as soon as the King rushed into the room , the Staff assured him the princess was only sleeping and not dead. Against the background of the Stepmom’s protests, they informed the King of all that had transpired and showed him the footage.  Once he had seen the video, well, the Stepmom was tossed into the dungeon until a trial date could be set. 

Several days after ingesting the cream soda, the Princess woke up. She was informed of the Stepmom’s dastardly deeds. Instead of being angry, the Princess was sad and unhappy that the Stepmom was incarcerated in the dungeon. It was a dark, angry place and the  Princess didn’t think it was right to put her down. The Stepmom was offered a plea deal of assault  instead of attempted murder and was transported to an island where she was to live the rest of her days alone.  The princess was also glad it wasn’t bad cream in the Italian soda that made her pass out. Italian sodas were her favorite and she didn’t want to give them up. 

Of course, the Stepmom had the internet but as she aged even and with no access to a plastic surgeon or beauty products , no one wanted to follow her anymore. Her millions of followers soon became hundreds.  The Princess, on the other hand, went on to become one of the most beloved Queens in all of history and lived happily ever after. 

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