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Pretty Party Favors

Using the Brother Cut N Scan SDX85

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I recently decided to have a Crafting and Cookies party at my house. The idea was there would be a craft and, of course, cookies to be had. Basically, an afternoon to get together with some of the ladies. The craft I had chosen for them to do was tiny white plant pots. I was having the ladies decorate the pots with all the little baubles, ribbons, and other pretties. Since they were decorating flower pots (albeit tiny ones) I decided the party favor had to include a seed packet. Naturally, I wanted a pretty little party favor box to put them in. That is where the Cut N Scan came in.

I had purchased the Brother Cut N Scan after much research. I chose it because I am not much of a papercraft kind of girl. I wanted it more for pattern creating and other types of material cutting. Paper cutting is a bonus. The other big brand out there wasn’t quite what I was looking for. When I got the machine it was easy enough to put together and get cut. My machine gave me a free project that was this adorable box. It was simple enough to figure out and really gave you a good walkthrough of the controls. Plus every project they (Brother) provides to you comes with a set of instructions, called a Recipe. Makes it very easy to figure out how to assemble your thing.

The paper box, as I said was adorable and was perfect to use for my party favors. I had some paper I had purchased earlier for another project. The paper is from Ella & Viv by Reminisce Paper Company. The packet I chose was called Spice Market. I really love the print. The boxes came out most excellent. I did have to fold the seed packets to make them fit, but the little Godiva chocolate I added fit perfectly.

The Ladies love the boxes more than the favors inside of them! Can’t say I blame them. I suspect that once they are home and plant the seeds into their pretty little pot the decorated, they will be happy!

The following video shows how I cut and made the boxes. I’m telling you I don’t think I could have done it without the Brother Cut N Scan. It already making my life easier.

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