The Glasses

Photo Prompt Short Story The Glasses is a short story I wrote for a photo prompt contest I was invited to enter. The photo itself was of a pair of round glasses sitting on what appears to be a bench with raindrops on them. It is nighttime as there are blurred lights behind the glasses and the picture is dark….

Christmas Town Cafe

or Marrying Merry Prologue Merritt Teasdale arrested! The headlines screamed. Merritt rolled her eyes. It wasn’t like that at all. At least, not the parts she could remember. She had been at another A-Lister party celebrating something, Merritt could not remember. Maybe a birthday. Anyway, she had gotten a little tipsy, again, and the bouncer tried to throw her out….

My Own Green Acres

Writing Club Prompt “Theme Song” @tlwhitaker 2019 “You are going to have to move.” He blurted out. The woman looked a bit confused. “Whatever for?” she replied. She was sitting in her chair, the one no one, but her, liked. That was fine, it was for her anyway. The floral fabric, loudly proclaimed that this was her throne, that no…