Christmas Town Cafe

or Marrying Merry Prologue Merritt Teasdale arrested! The headlines screamed. Merritt rolled her eyes. It wasn’t like that at all. At least, not the parts she could remember. She had been at another A-Lister party celebrating something, Merritt could not remember. Maybe a birthday. Anyway, she had gotten a little tipsy, again, and the bouncer tried to throw her out….


dna woman

A Brief Run Down On How It All Began It started with the commercials in the early 21st . “Get your DNA tested and we can tell what part of the world your ancestry comes from!” That was fun. The Commercials were fun. People were discovering who they were. Even those who had already done the research on their family…

Christmas Town ~The Craft Store

Tessa closed the door after the last of the children left the Craft Store. She loved the little tykes, but they were tiring.  Not having children of her own, she loved holding the craft classes that were popular with the little ones. Today they made Christmas trees out of their hand prints in plaster. They painted them then wrapped them…