Crafty Me

The Tools

Loomed Seed Beads

Part One

I thought it would be fun to show the tools and process of Looming Seed beads. This first part is some of the tools I use. Some you probably expect and maybe some you don’t.

Big eye needles are easy to thread. My loom is larger and I use a 4.5 inch long needle.

A regular straight pin. I use it when I need to move a warp line, usually to release tension

Foam pad. It is originally meant to be used in a bead tray. I usually have many other things going on, so I do not use the tray very often. One can use felt as well. The pad helps keep the beads from rolling around when picking up with the needle

Thread. I like to buy these big spools of sewing thread. When I first started, I bought actual bead thread. It was expensive and unnecessary.

This little doodad is actually a bead scoop. It is great for picking up beads and getting them back into those tubes. I also use it to count out beads.

Bead scoop in action

A loom. Mine is custom made by my husband and is larger than the average loom. You can use a jewelers loom and do your picture in “strips” then just sew the strips together.