A day in the life, Crafty Me

Art Show Buts

I recently showed some of my loomed seed bead art at a local art show. I was told bout it and invited while I was doing the craft fair in town. I was rather excited and, frankly quite nervous about doing an art show. I had just started to get used to the idea of my stuff being art and here was a complete stranger inviting me. So I was apprehensive but excited. I was told to show up Saturday morning, and I did, on time. There was already art hanging, which didn’t bother me because I figured it was those who came the night before to help set up. So hung my pictures and looked around. Thought there was some interesting art, talked to some artists and thought some of them were interesting. Feeling slightly out of place, I had an artist come up to me and ask about another art group and if I was interested in joining. I informed I did not know and then she came to look at my work. Her exact words were, “Well, I’m not saying your work isn’t good enough BUT” She then went on to explain how hard it would be to join this other group. This brings me to the subject of this post, the word BUT.

Years and years, maybe decades ago, I heard a motivational speak about getting your BUT out of the way. Wish I could remember who , not really important though. His message was that the word BUT puts a stop to everything. You quit listening and everything said after the but means nothing. What was said to me is a good example, Once I heard the word but, I automatically heard you are not good enough and I quit listening. When you talk to other people they do the same. “That is awesome, BUT” We are hardwired to quit listening and to only hear the negative. The word BUT equates to NO. “I would do this BUT” means I am not going to do, I don’t want to and I am looking for reasons why I can’t.

While it was rather snarky of a fellow artist to even say such a thing, I have to remember she may not know that her words cut, that her use of the word BUT was not actually helpful. I would never tell someone there art wasn’t quite god enough. Honestly what Do I know? And I was and still am a little upset about it, that’s my own insecurities. She did me a favor though. I did learn a few things.

1. Two days of an art show is too much for this body if I have to be there the whole time. It was really just an art fair and not a show.

2. Other artists are just as insecure as I am

3. Not everybody gets what you do and when someone does its magical

4. I am just as much a prude as they are, except I am prudish about polite behavior. Please, thank you, your welcome, sorry when wrong, is important to me. Some folks decided to use my art box as trash. When I mentioned it it was explained. There was no apology.

5. Bring your lunch and take time to eat it.

6. Get your BUT out of the way and just do it. You are fine. As I told one artist, trust your instincts they are good ones.

Will I do another art show? Probably not. Will I ever do another art show for the group the lady said I wasn’t good enough BUT you can still show your stuff. Hell no. I do not want to be affiliated with people who feel they are better than others, that their art is somehow more Arty than mine. Do I think all artists are like that? No but a good majority are. Have ran into it all my life. I don’t have to play with the popular girls and I don’t need to be a part of a clique.

So here’s to the great artists I met and even the dramatic ones. I loved all your art, some I loved more than others. There was one that I really liked and it was by someone who ignored me the whole time. Should have gotten it. Oh well. Here’s to art in general and here’s to me just doing my thing no BUTS about it.