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Loomed Seed Beads

This is part two for the tools I use when looming. I wonder if anything in part one was surprising to you? What you missed part one? No worries! Here is the link:

Ruler. It is an important tool and I use the ruler for many reasons. Of course to measure, but also to help pencil out a line if I am using a pattern or grid. More on the grid or pattern thing in next week’s post.

One needs scissors to cut things. In my case, I need about 5 pairs of scissors because I put them down and then can not find them again. I think there are gremlins on my workbench.

Light. My workroom has a lot of light. I do find that sometimes I need it even brighter. I am working with tiny beads and the extra light helps. I recommend a newer lamp than mine as they are not as hot.

This crazy contraption is actually a spool holder called a Thread Nanny. It was designed to hold those large spools of thread for sewing. There is a another piece of the pole that has a loop on it. Very handing if you are sewing. I use it a thread holder for looming and omit the upper pole.

Something to write with. I do calculations that include rows, numbers of beads, how many warp strings etc. I write it down. Also if I am using a grid , I mark off the grid as I loom it.

Calculator because I only have 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Paper to write on and make notes. For some reason I prefer sticky notes and typically have a ton of them stuck all over.

Next Post will be more on the process, the different ways I come up with a project idea and how I get it ready to loom.