Left Over Yarn

craftedbytw.com pile of yarn

Any one who crochets as much as I do always ends up with those bits of yarn that are too much to toss, but too little for a full project. So we store them until we need some or finally get up the courage to (gasp) get rid of them. I like to use them. I crochet them into granny squares and make unique interesting blankies for friends and family.

www.theblogofteresa.com Granny Squares
Granny Squares Crocheted by www.craftedbytw.com

Crocheted Plastic Egg Covers

I was scrolling through the wide wide world of the internet and happened upon this video using scrap yarn. It is how to make these super cute plastic egg covers for Easter. A good way to use up bits of left over yarn. The narrator does a good job with the explanations. She starts with a magic loop, which I will admit after 30+ years of crocheting still baffles me. However you start your yarn, these eggs are adorable.

Some More Unsual Ideas

Another great place for great ideas on what to do with those scragglers is to head over to DIY & Crafts.com. This is an older article, but still amazing ideas. Some of them are for those of you with more experience.


Here’s hoping you find many uses for your leftovers and happy crafting!