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If you know the basic stitches, Chain (ch),single crochet (sc),double crochet(dc) and triple crochet (tc) then you have the foundation you need to create some quite remarkable stitches. Going beyond the Granny Stitch and the Chevron (V) stitch there are some rather fun things to do. When I learned to crochet just learning how to half double or triple crochet was an eye opener and when I got to the half double triple crochet, well then I was a master! Just ask me. I will include a video for the half double triple crochet in this post, but I really want to talk about a really fun stitch for me, the tulip stitch.

This pretty little stitch is often used as a border, but if you have the patience you could make an entire blanket with it. I have visions of the tulip stitch along with other basic stitches say, a double crochet, to make a striped blanket. Or heck even elephants in every other row. That is another fun stitch (border). Although it is a border stitch it would be hard to do the striping with the Tulip stitch. Maybe join with a chain.

I was going to make my own video, but there are so many other videos online about how to make certain crochet stitches or patterns that I have decided not to do so unless it it is necessary. I strive to share the best videos and, yes, I do watch them.

As a side note here, I do appreciate what it takes to make a video of crochet stitching and I applaud all the gals and guys who have done so, but, please, kill the horrible music. A little music in the front or back end is okay, but the choices are horrible and quite annoying. Needless to say when I choose a video I do so based on the clarity of the instructor and not the music. Yet….

I do hope you enjoy making this stitch. It is pretty and the possibilities are endless for its use. Oh and the music on this one is not so bad.




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