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Zara Meets Her New Boss, The Butcher

Zara smiled at the man behind the desk. He was about as regular looking of a guy as you could get. He had brown hair brown eyes average height average weight. If it wasn’t for his lack of identifying as a Robot, Zara would have thought he was.

“Hi” she answered then walked forward. “I’m Zara.”

“Of course you are Zara. Not too many people get flagged for this dept. You have to have just the right DNA coding and lucky you, you have! Please sit down.”

Zara took a seat on one of the heavy looking leather chairs. Again it was neither leather nor heavy.

“I am sure you know about the GCD, but let me tell you a little more. If you are going to work here you need to know these things. The GCD has been around along time. It has had many different names, CIA, HSA, GPD so on and so forth. The GCD as we know it now started after the wars of ‘45 and the World Unification Initiative started. Once the WUI was fully established it was easy to gather the existing DNA banks and research from around the world and concentrate in one space.”

Armad continued to walk to through the room.

“Here in this building as a matter of fact. Putting all that research and knowledge together gave us the ability to accelerate research and in less than a year we had got it all figured out. Finally we could weed out the weak and the unwanted weird DNA things us humans still carried around. I mean who needed wisdom teeth?”

At Zara confused he smiled “Wisdom Teeth were extra teeth we had in the back of our mouths that were forever infected and totally useless.”

“Well if they were useless than why were they called wisdom teeth?” Zara asked.

“They were called that because…” The man was silent for a minute. “Never mind. Come with me.”

He stood up. “By the way Zara, My name is Bates, Armad Bates”.

Zara was stunned. Armad Bates was the director of the GCD. She had heard that people who met Armad Bates were never seen from again. People called him the Butcher voices as if to say it aloud would cause their own disappearance. Even in the Reservations people spoke of Armad Bates. Many of the sects prayed for his salvation while others prayed and plotted. Most just hoped to never meet the guy. He didn’t look that scary, but Zara was reminded of the wild rats on the reservation. They were cute, fluffy and would come right up to you. But they would bite you and inject their poison into you. A few hours later you would be running a fever. Zara knew of a few people with rat bite. Only one survived and he was now a little off. Zara would have to be careful. Cute, fluffy rats could kill.

They walked out of the office and back into the lab. Someone spotted them and the buzz of voices lowered until it was but a whisper. Armad smiled and nodded at the few lab coats near him. They tentatively smiled back then hurried on their ways. Again Zara was reminded on rats, wilds ones and now ones in white coats.

“This is our first level research area. Most of the folks here are super smart, know how to make the numbers right and can read all the squiggly lines and charts on those puter screens.”

Armad Bates walked to one of the areas enclosed in glass. “I’m told these folks are working on sensitive DNA materials. They don’t want things contaminated, so we stuck them in what they call a clean room. That way their samples remain pure. Totally not sure what they are doing in there. I do know its important work.”

Zara watched the lab coats while Bates spoke. She was beginning to think he wasn’t that smart. The large vid screen showed exactly what they were doing. The were slicing into a strand of DNA with a laser. She reminded herself of Rats again and smiled when he indicated they should continue.

“I can see you aren’t that interested either.” He said with a laugh. “They are rather boring folk, come let me show you what it is we, me and you, actually do.”

He put his wrist ID on the pad at the end of the lab to open the door. He told Zara that it would be an hour or two before her DNA would work to give her access to all the labs, computers and secure areas. The pair entered a room that was dimly light. In the middle was a glassed of area. Inside were cribs containing babies, all white, all blond and all asleep. There were women who were dressed in street clothes but wore face masks. They carried clipboards and every now then one would stop , check a child, then make a make on her clip board. One of the women, looked up and saw Zara and Armand. She nudged another woman who immediately put her clipboard down on a table and walked out to greet them.

“Mr. Bates. I’m so glad you came by. How can I help you?” she smiled, maybe a little too brightly.

“Ah Selma, this is my new assistant Zara! Just showing her the place. Zara, this is Selma. She runs the Department of Infant Research and Well Being.”

Zara put her wrist out in Traditional greeting.

Selma stepped forward and pushed Zara’s arm down. “We don’t do that in here. Marks you an outsider and we don’t share our DNA” Out loud Selma continued, “ Pleased to meet you Zara. I’m sure you will do great here. Much better than the last assistant. ”

Armad nodded. “ She has to be. The last one was, well, a disaster. How is it going with the babies”

“Not good. Every last one of them has some kind of defect. 18 has brown eyes for goodness sakes. Wish the lab people could finish the recessive Genes clean up. Only maybe 2 are good to go. I should get Back to work?”

At Bates nod she went back into the room. Zara looked one last look at the babies.

“What happens to the defective babies Mr Bates?”

“Oh call me Armad. We kill them, cut them up and feed them to the endangered species in the Zoo,” He looked down at Zara. When her eyes widened he laughed.

“Just teasing you Zara. You have a lot to learn if you want to be in this organization. First you need to harden up a bit. The babies are sent to a special reservation just for them on the Three Kingdom Islands.”

“But isn’t that were they used the neutron bomb? Isn’t it kinda of irradiated still?”

“I see you watch too many streams. Only parts of it. The Koreas are bad , but the rest is ok. Northern Japan Island is fine. I mean I don’t want to live there, but children who grow up on the Island do just fine. Little gene therapy once in a while and no problems.”

Zara was aghast. During the War of ‘45, the self proclaimed Best Emperor Forever of Korea launch a small Neutron bomb aimed at the States. That bomb, of course, was horribly made and only succeeded in wiping out the Koreas. Luckily it was small yet the radiation was still rather intense over the island. It was surmised the bomb had been salted, that is coated in cobalt. No one wanted to go check at the time. Either way, The Best Emperor Forever of Korea managed to take out his entire empire.

They had entered another room and there behind the glass in this room was her neighbors 9 year old son. He was sitting on a carpet with other boys roughly his age, playing with some kind of nano drones. They kids were taking turns commanding the drones to build different things. Zara saw a cactus being made, some sort of animal and even a low atmosphere craft. The kids looked absolutely bored.

“Who are they?” She asked. “they look filthy.”

Armad gave a little laugh. “They are. In fact, those kids are straight off the reservations. The non radiated ones that is.”

“Whatever for?”

“It will all make sense soon. Trust me” He laughed again and banged on the glass. “Watch. They are rather uncivilized animals”

The kids looked up. Her neighbors son saw Zara and jumped up. He ran to the window. He banged on it and was saying something,

“Look that one likes you! Lets go see him, make his day,”

,Zara started to protest. Armad had already reached the door and deactivated the lock.
“Hurry up!” he said opening the door, “don’t want them to get out .”

Zara had no choice, but to step in. Moses immediately ran to her yelling Ruth! Ruth! He wrapped his arms around her legs and looked up at her. She glanced at Armad who was watching intently, the smile gone from his face She steeled herself.

“Get it off me! Get this filthy creature off of me!”

Two of the women in the room came and pulled off the now screaming and crying child.

“I cant believe you made me come in here!” She looked at Armad “Get me out of here.”

She turned and walked out of the door. Armad followed after

“I need to clean up!”