Drop of Blood 7


brainShe did not hear the door buzz, nor did Meg hear the knocking on her door. She did not hear the Officers declare their intent to bust down her door. She was not there. Her body was slumped against the door but in her mind, she was gone.  She was currently crossing a river with wolves chasing her. If she could cross before they got there, she would be safe. The water was as cold as the proverbial witch’s tit but the voices urged her into it. “Run” they yelled “save yourself”. Run she did. Never mind she could not swim.  The sound of the water pounding on the rocks grew, louder and louder.

Meg came to just as the officers busted down her down.  She screamed as the door splintered around her and the first officer fell over her.  The next also fell over her but luckily, the third did not.  Meg stopped screaming once she figured out that they were police. What were they doing breaking down her door? She started to get mad. She tried to stand up but an officer stopped her from moving with a glare.  She sat there and glared back.

“What the hell is going on here?”  She demanded.  The officers just stared at her as they got up; it was not until another officer came into the apartment that there was any explanation.

“Meg?” he asked extending a hand to help her stand.

Meg grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. She was expecting the movement to start her head up again or her nose to bleeding but she felt almost normal. A little pissed but normal. If normal was having cops break down your door.  She brushed herself off and looked at the remnants of her door.  That was going to cost her a pretty penny. She looked around at the splinters of wood and then saw her living room. It was destroyed. The sofa pillows were all torn, slashed and the stuffing pulled out.  Her lamps lay on the floor, broken.  Her CTV and the remote stuck in the middle of it, the screen looking decidedly ill. Hmm. She had never seen what happened when a plasma screen was broken. It looks more like all the colors were running out the bottom of the TV. She gave a little laugh though when she saw her cat. He was sitting in the middle of the devastation cleaning his paw as if to say his work here was done.

She refocused back on the officer. “What the hell are you guys breaking in my door and why are they looking at all my stuff and can they PUHLEASE get of my bedroom. “

The officer smiled “Ma’am we are surely sorry about your door but we were not really getting an answer from you and we were worried. And the bedroom thing well I am sorry about that but we do have a warrant.”

The officer handed her a packed of papers.  She took them and started to read them but it was a bunch of gobbledygook to her. Wherefores and reasons and therefores and whatevers. Why would they have a search warrant on her? Maybe Milton was right and they thought she was the killer? She gave a heavy sigh.

The officer seemed to be scrutinizing her face and at her sigh, he rearranged his face to look concerned.

Are you ok Meg? He asked.

“Fine” she answered.  “I am just fine. You guys broke into my house and I am just fine. And why did you want to break into my house and don’t give me that you were concerned about me crap.”

“Well Meg, We ARE just a little concerned about you. Have you looked in the mirror? You are not looking too good. What is that blood from?  No, no you can’t go into the bathroom right now.”

Meg brushed off his hand and went into the bathroom anyway. She gasped at what she saw. The bottom half of her face was covered in blood. She looked like one of the extras in a vampire movies or something there was dark circles under her eyes and her cheekbones look shrunken in. She really did look like a cadaver.  Meg washed the blood of her face. And looked again.  A clean face did not help. She looked like crap. She saw the officer in the mirror. He was looking her in a weird way.  She turned around.

“What is your name officer? What the hell is going on? I am very confused right now. Did you see my living room?”

The officer glanced at the living room. “Yea I saw that. My name is John Signs.   You can call me John.  What happened here?”

“I don’t know Officer Signs, John. I wish I did. The last thing I remember was a little bloody nose, a headache and then I sat down in front of the door.  That is what I remember. I do not know what happened to my living room or the kitchen or anything. I don’t know.”

“I see” John said. He nodded to two of the officers who came out of her room.  “Let’s go sit down in the kitchen, ok? I have a few questions.”

“Sure” Meg said, “Guess you did not hear me. I don’t remember. “

She pushed passed the office r and walked into the kitchen.  Thank fully it was still somewhat clean.  There was still some sauce on the ceiling but she was beyond caring too much right now. She needed to figure out what the heck was going on. Not so much the cops but the headaches and where did all the blood come from? Was her nose bleeding that much? She needed to know. As for the cops, she was pretty sure they were going to say something, tell her what they thought. She vaguely remembered Milton saying they thought she was the killer. She laughed.

“What’s so funny?”  Officer Signs asked her.

She grinned at him.  “You think I am a killer don’t you”

Well, are you?” he asked.

“Nope” she said. “I might have some memory issues but nope not a killer. “

“Are you sure” A new voice spoke. She looked beyond Officer Sign, but there was no one there. In fact, most of the other officers had already left toting out things they deemed important.
Not an officer.

The voice giggled, “Not them I am me, you know”.

The voice sounded liked Meg when she was little. In fact, she remembered being a little silly as a child when she hung out with her one and only friend Sissy.  She and Sissy hung out for one summer between 8th grade and freshman year. It was a good summer. They laughed a lot. Maybe the voice sounded more like Sissy.

“Bingo!”  The voice yelled at her.  “You got it killer kid. Who’d you kill? Hopefully that creepy Milton! Or maybe Mr. Creepy Nash, the Super .That’s who I would kill!”

Meg smiled at the thought of taking out the super. That guy had the creepiest way of looking at you as if you were a big hunk of meat and he was starving.  Milton, nah, he was ok just a little bit different. He always seemed a bit anxious

About everything.

“He’s a creeper,” the Sissy voice said. “HE is the killer. A sociopath if I ever saw one”

Are you ok? The officer broke into the conversation. “Your nose is bleeding.

“Drip, drip, drip” Sissy voice said.

Meg laughed and put her hand to her nose. Yep, bleeding again. That was it she as going to go the doctor. She needed answers for these drops of blood all over her shirt.  She looked at the officer and smiled. He disappeared and she was looking as Sissy. Who looked exactly as she had before, when they were kids.
“Let’s take a nap.” Sissy said.
“OK,” said Meg “Ok”.