Rock Music Trivia

I like trivia and I like rock music, so you should not be  that I like Rock Music Trivia! If you are surprised , well can’t help you there,  except Surprise!  I went through the trouble to scour the Internets to find some music trivia for you.  Yes, I know, you are welcome.


Disney originally wanted ABBA to do the music for The Lion King, but ABBA wasn’t available, so they went with Elton John. Can you imagine?


download (1)Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd members helped to fund the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


The US military would play Enter Sandman for hours on end to aid in the interrogation and torture of prisoners. When asked about this, Metallica’s James Hetfield responded “We’ve been punishing our parents, our wives, our loved ones with this music forever. Why should the Iraqis  be any different  SOURCE: htttp://


George Lucas allowed the band members of ‘N Sync to make a cameo appearance in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in order to appease his daughters. The footage was then cut out of the final version of the film

In 2002, the band Creed put on such a bad show at the Allstate Arena in Illinois that a $2,000,000 class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of all of the51Y5ZCMV2QL fans in attendance.






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