A Drop of Blood

brainA drop of blood splattered on the paper, then another.  Meg had another bloody nose.  It seemed that she had them a lot lately.  This one was worse. It was dripping on her report. The one she took home last night to finish and now the pages not only had marinara sauce on the cover now had blood. She stared at the splatters. They look quite a bit like a Rosarch test, she decided. That one looked like failure dammit

She pinched the bridge of her nose and titled her head back.   She closed her eyes. Her day was not going well and it was only 10:30. She was late to the office to start. Well, actually, she was on time, but Eric, the building guard insisted on seeing her badge.  Eric saw her every day, 5 days a week. 52 days a week.  The one day she does not have her badge on, her hands  full of files, her report, the left over bread sticks and marinara sauce, he wants to see her badge like he never saw her before.  She tried to use her fingers to edge her badge out but the clip thing was stuck and as she pulled harder, the plastic bowl her lunch was in took flight and exploded on the marble floor of the foyer.  Of course, Meg decided to grab for it, which meant that all her papers went flying as well.
By the time all was cleaned up, Meg was late, had tomato stained reports and no lunch. Thankfully, her boss was a bit late as well. Meg could hear her arriving now. It was always an event when the boss walked in. The woman was large and everything on her was always in motion. Not only her bulk, but also her clothes, her jewelry hell even her hair seem to be in a state of perpetual movement. Her voice had a condescending quality to it when she greeted the office. Meg hoped she did not notice her but of course, that was wishful thinking.

“What’s wrong with you” she asked Meg.

Meg added Minion, to the end of her boss’s sentence.  She smiled and replied

“Nothing just a little bloody nose.”

“Ok clean it up. Is that your report on your desk?  It is a mess. Did you bleed all over it? Type if over and have on my desk this morning. In fact I need it in 30 minutes.”

Great thought Meg, this report took her over 6 hours to compile.  Well no worries. She had  it on a thumb drive.  Meg looked in her purse for the thumb drive. It was there. She dumped out her purse on her desk and went through the items .No thumb drive.

Meg jumped up and ran to the elevators.  Maybe it fell out of her purse in the car. She knew she had put in  the purse before she left home. She looked down her badge was not on. She ran back to her desk grabbed her badge and returned to the elevators just in time to see the doors close on her.  It would be faster to take the stairs.
She flew down the five flights of stair and ran to her car. She had forgotten her keys, but it was ok as she discovered she forgot to lock her car as well.  She looked on the passenger seat where her purse usually sat. Then she looked over under the seats and in the back seat floorboards.  No thumb drive. She looked under the car. Nope. She looked around her car to no avail.  Meg checked her watch. She had fifteen minutes left. Maybe she had time to retype the dirty pages.   She ran back to the building.

Eric smiled at her when she flashed her badge. She had made it to the elevators when she heard him call her name. She turned around and he flashed the thumbdrive at her.

“Is this yours? I think you  might have dropped it this morning. You did drop a lot of things.”

Thank god! She went and retreived it.
With the thumb drive in hand, Meg was able to reprint the whole report, rebind it and got it on her boss’s desk with a minute to spare. Her boss barely even acknowledged it or Meg. .  Back at her desk, she tackled her inbox and the rest of her morning was as smooth as it could be.  In fact, she  flew through several of the big books of bills that she was responsible for verifying. Meg loved doing it, but soon it was lunchtime. Lunchtime she did not like.

She was going to have to buy a sandwich from the vending machine if she was going to eat today.  That meant of course that he would most likely run into Stacy. Stacy was a bitch. A bitch who liked to pick on Meg.  Meg was not sure what she did to Stacy but it was never pleasant to have to hang around in the lunchroom with Stacy. Meg usually brought her lunch and ate it sitting at her desk. Today , well you know what happened.  Now she had to get food. Well nothing for it. Meg took a deep breath and headed to the lunchroom.