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Zara Rides An Elevator And Sees A Lab

He led her through another door and into along white hallway littered with unmarked doors. They finally stopped at a door near the end of the hall. The man pushed the button next to the door and smiled at Zara. There was nothing to show it was an elevator. Zara had watched Vids of them, but had never seen one and definitely never been in one. She kept a smile on her face as she entered the car. There had been no floor numbers like in the Vids. There were just two buttons in the car. He had pushed the lower one so Zara assumed the were going down, and the feel of falling confirmed it. Zara could not help but let out a little “Oh” when the car abruptly stopped.

“I am sorry. I shall have that fixed. Please follow me”

She followed the little man into another hallway , shorter this time, with only one door at the end. They stopped there and the man indicated should she go in. Zara opened the door and walked into another waiting room. This one with leather clad armed chairs, wood paneling on the walls, art framed with ornate frames that were works of art themselves. There was a large end table with bottles of water. Bottles of water! Zara marveled at that for a second before picking one up. She had to remember that these were normal things in this world. She opened it up and took a drink. The water was tasteless. She sat it down on another end table, this one laden with treats. Zara recognized the cookies and sweet bread although they were smaller and not as dark as mom made. They tasted much sweeter as well. It was the squares of dark brown somethings she puzzled over. Zara smelled it before she took a small taste. It was delicious. Sweet and smooth. The taste sparked a distant memory in Zara. There was a government agency who brought some people to the reservation once when she was a very young girl. They handed out bars of candy they called chocolate. Zara was told not to take one, but she did, hiding it in her dress pocket. The people were all smiles and talked to her parents as if they too were children. Zara remembered thinking they were maybe a bit slow and smiled at them. They cooed over her smile for some time before they left. Alone, Zara ran to her favorite hiding spot by Big Rock and tasted the bar. It was delicious and tasted like a bad version of what Zara was eating now. This chocolate was heavenly. Zara picked up another piece and went to look at the painting on the wall It was of a women with her face was all broken into cubes. Zara wasn’t too sure she liked it. It was a little weird. Almost as if the painter had issues with reality and by painting things into boxes life would be more organized. She shrugged and sat in the chair by the table with the chocolates. The chair was heavily padded and Zara sank further into the chair. She had never been in such a comfortable chair. She felt herself relax and her eyes got heavy.

The smell of delicious woke her up. Zara forgot for a moment where she was and was startled to see she was not in her room in the cave house on the reservation. She stood up quickly and almost fell back down. Her head hurt and her legs felt like jelly.

“Oh don’t get up so fast” Zara turned her head to see and young woman with a platter of food. “You will get dizzy that way. Where shall I put your lunch. Here?”

The woman indicated the low table in front of the chairs and Zara nodded. The woman continued

“Its the Aromatherapy they pump into this room. It makes it smell nice, It can sure make you sleepy and dizzy, though. Gives me a headache it does. Anyway here is your lunch I do hope you enjoy. Would you like me to serve you?’ Zara shook her head. “OK, then. If you need anything else, please just ring for me.”

As the woman turned away, Zara blurted, “Excuse me. I’m sorry there is something.” At the woman’s inquiring eyes, Zara continued. “When will I be shown to my work station?”

Zara remembered workstations from one of the Vids she had watched workers all had a small desk with a screen and keyboard. The Vid called them work stations.

The woman smiled, “You New Irish are certainly old fashioned! They will come get you and show you your Team area soon enough. He can be slow enough, that’s for sure!”

Zara wanted to ask who was slow enough. She remained silent perhaps she should know who HE was . She smiled at the woman and nodded her head in agreement.

The woman left through a door Zara didn’t even know was there, it blended into the paneling perfectly.

Zara sat back down and looked over the platter. There was meats and what looked like cheese. Zara had never had cheese before only knowing it from the Vids. She broke off a small piece to taste. It smelled terrible so she put it back down. She smelled some of the meat and ate it. It wasn’t very distinct, Zara thought maybe it was some kind of bird. They usually didn’t have a very strong flavor unless it was goose. There were some fruits on the platter, but she only recognized the apple so she ate that. No wonder all the people in this city were so skinny. There was hardly anything good to eat. So far most of the luxury food all tasted the same or smelled rotten.

Another piece of the wall opened and the same small man reappeared. Zara walked over and followed him through the wall. This time straight into another elevator. Zara was sure she didn’t like these boxes. She tried to maintain a bored look on her face, yet a gasp escaped from her when the doors opened again. She was in the largest room darkest room she had ever seen. There were small pin lights lighting on the floor softly illuminating the walkway. There was circular window in the middle of the room. She walked out of the elevator and towards the glass. Zara gasped again.

The small man smiled and gesturing out the door said “Impressive, isn’t it?”

Zara nodded as she looked down into a brightly lit room. There must have been a hundred people down there in long, white lab coats. They were scurrying about, much like mice in a maze. Most of the stations were open. there were some that were glassed in areas. Those had white coats with masks, some with eye protection and some of them were in suits that made them look like they were exploring a new planet. Zara wasn’t quite sure what they were doing. It looked very important.

The little man cleared his throat and Zara looked up at him. He was indicating with a nod of his head that she should follow. With one last glance at the lab below, Zara followed. They went through another another door. Zara was beginning to think this was the biggest building in the history of mankind. The door lead to another elevator. As they descended yet again, Zara decided if it wast the biggest, it was the deepest. The elevator reached the desired floor quickly and stepped out to find she was at eye level with the lab. They walked to a glass door where the little man put is thumb on a pad. The doors opened with a swoosh. Zara walked in and was assaulted with sound. It wasn’t loud, but after the quiet of the hallways and elevators, the mummer of voices, the rustling of papers, even the fingers typing at keyboards was deafening. At least to Zara, the little man didn’t seem to notice. He walked towards another door. Opened it and usher Zara through it. He did not follow and closed the door behind her.

The first Robot Zara had since since coming into this place greeted her. It was a little weird that she hadn’t seen more. She had dismissed it as a luxury people in the GCD had. Nobody, but the very rich could afford human receptionists, maids, cooks and the like. This robot however was a throwback to when they tried to make AI human like. She was pretty with blond hair and blue eyes. A testament to how the makers had gotten. If it wasn’t for the Human Privilege Act, Robot and Human would have been indistinguishable The Robot blinked slowly and pleasantly informed Zara that she was a robot with her model number. It told Zara to go on in, she was expected. Zara went to the heavy looking wood doors, which, as it turned out were neither heavy nor wood. She almost fell into the room but managed to maintain her composure.

“Hi” A smiling voice greeted her.

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