Jerrys Rogue Jet Boat on the Pacific Coast


On our recent annual Anniversary trip we decided to knock off a bucket list item of my husbands. That was to go on a jet boat white water ride up in Oregon. Ever since he was a young man, the Hubs has wanted to go. He heard about it from a customer in his Dad’s auto parts store (“BAYfair AUTO parts, AL speaking”) The customer just ranted and raved about the ride and 40 something years later it happened.

The ride we decided on was done by Jerry’s Rogue Jets Gold beach in Southern Oregon. (That’s a good 432 miles from where I live. Good thing I love road trips with my husband!) We did the big one, the 104 mile one and I am glad we did. It is called the Wilderness Whitewater Excursion and it goes up the rogue river into permitted land. In fact, they are the only Jet Boats permitted to do so. The Wild Rogue Wilderness surrounds the wild and scenic part of the Rogue River and protects the watershed. It was established in 1987 and includes 35,818 acres. Because of its protection nd the need for permits to even go into parts of the rogue river and surrounding lands the scenery is outstanding. I even saw bald eagles in the wild, something I have never seen before.

The Rogue River starts all the way up in Crater Lake and flows 215 miles down the cascade range to the Pacific Ocean. The river was also one of the original eight rivers named in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. The Rogue River has quite its own history. There is also history of Salmon fishermen blowing up a Dam that they felt blocked the salmon run. The Rogue river wars in 1855-56 culminated in Native Americans being removed. The war was mostly the result of settles involved in gold mining, beaver hunting and other activities clashing with the Native peoples. After the war settlers established small farms and town along the lower part of the river. They were rather isolated, but in

1895, the Post Office added mail-boat service along the lower Rogue. As of today mail is still being delivered up river to Agness (population 112).

And that is where Jerry’s Jet Boat Rides come in. They merged with the Mail Boat service and still deliver the mail to the tiny town. Mostly it is just a great scenic ride chock full of nature. We saw Harbor Seals in Gold Beach and up river, lots of birds, some Mink and Deer. The water was so clear you could see the riverbed and I have to say it smelled so good up there. The white water part of the ride was just thrilling enough to be fun, but I never felt in danger. We stopped for a fantastic lunch buffet halfway through the trip.

All in all it was not the trip I expected. I was going along because it was the Husband’s bucket list. I am so glad I went though. It was fun, exhilarating and totally worth the 7 hour drive to get there. I will definitely want to go again next time we are up there.

The Trees of Mystery was also part of this trip: