Annie and The End of the World 2

Annie watched him walk down the road.  Maybe she should ask his name. Then maybe she shouldn’t. Humanity, was different. It seemed the disease spared those who lived on the fringes of society.   There were those who just lived one day at a time, doing whatever came to mind, they were unpredictable and dangerous.  There were those who were trying to make a new society, mostly the survivalists who  had found other survivalists.  They were the worst,  with all their rules.  They  survived on their  canned foods and meats.  Eventually, Annie knew , those would run out. Then all hell would break loose.  Hungry people  do strange things.  She saw it once in a ghetto in South America. People will do whatever it takes to feed themselves.  Annie wanted no part of it.

It is not like she was naturalist and knew all the edible things. She didn’t. She did know that if watched the animals they  would eat the plants that she could eat.   A few times , she was wrong and paid the price with stomach cramps from hell.  She was thankful however for her time , when she was sixteen, in the mountains. She had ran away from home and found a community of mountain folks. They  were poor, but they knew the land, Annie learned to find watercress, elderberries, blackberries in the fall, wild onion, wild potatoes and many other plants. She learned how to track,  people and animals.  She learned a lot. Her greatest teacher, was  John Little Beaver. He was  like a grandfather to her and taught her much. His biggest lesson was to listen to herself, he told her over and over, stop listen, what do you know. She learned she knew much.

That time prepared for this time. John Little Bear passed that summer.  She had gone back home, joined the military  when she was of age and stayed out of trouble until the end of the world happened.   She actually missed her mom, her overbearing father, her little sister, and her perfect older sister. She guessed she didn’t understand family until there was no family. She sighed. She had reached the edge of the woods.. She climbed  the tree in front of her to take a long.

Down below, she saw whatever his name was running from the town. Three people chased him.  One of the chasers drew a rifle and shot at her one time companion. It was a direct hit. She watched as they reached him and put a bullet into his head. He flopped and then lay still. The three went through his pockets. She  could not tell from this distance what the found, but they seemed pleased.   She supposed she should feel sorry, but it wasn’t there. She had no feelings one way or the other. Just another dead body

She climbed down the tree and melted into the woods.  The trees welcomed her, whispered, “come in come in.” She felt safe.  She was careful of where she stepped, but did so unconsciously, giving her time to think. She wondered if any Indian tribes survived. Many of them were living with the white man and considered themselves modern people. There were some , however, that had gone back to the old ways before the end of the world. They usually lived in the backwoods, in places where others rarely went.  She hoped she could find a tribe or, whatever was left, and that they would accept her.  It was her best chance for to survive her first winter.

She heard them before they saw her. There were two men up head. One was rather fat and the other was unbearably skinny. She first thought of the nursery rhyme and then she remember the movie,  the one with Ned Beatty and Burt Reynolds and the banjos.  She  slunk back behind a large tree. She would give them plenty of space. She really didn’t want to be friendly.  The worst part about being female at the end of the world was that she was female. She didn’t want to kill anyone again, but she started to ease out her favorite knife. It was the KBar that her father had given her, when he found her throwing a kitchen knife at a target in the back yard. It was his from his marine days. Best knife she ever had.  She had practiced with it until it was like an extension of herself.

She held it and quieted her breath as the men came closer. They certainly were loud. What was it about men and being loud?  She was hoping they would pass by , having never seen her. She remained ready, though, just in case. They barely passed her tree, when a hand pressed against mouth and she was pulled  to the other side of the tree.  She  flipped her knife round and a hand grabbed hers, it was a large, strong hand and she didn’t have the strength to pull away. Her other arm was against her body as she was encased in  a muscular  arm that wound around her.  She was good and stuck, dammit, she had not noticed this man, she was intent on the other two.  Well at least there was one man who could be quiet.
He held her tight to him. She could feel him breathing. even thought it was very shallow.  Annie was trying to slow her  own breathing d own and relax. Little Beaver  has said that in order to escape a situation one must first relax. If you could relax, you could see how to escape. It seemed a lifetime before the man said , low in in her ear,

“They are gone.  If I release you, promise not to cut me with one of those blades you carry?”

Annie thought about shaking her head no, but she wanted out of his arms. She nodded.   The man released her and pushed her all the same. She immediately went into a crouch and held her blade before her.

“Who are you” she demanded “how dare you grab me like that “

“Well, you were about to become lunch for those men. They are eaters”

“They are what?”


The man leaned down and grabbed some leaves. He wiped his forehead,  then put them into his pocket.

“What the hell are eaters? “ She asked him, straightening up a bit.

To be continued…



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