Annie and the End of the World

Annie stood up with one hand holding her towel and the other holding the machete. The dog growled deep in his throat. Annie reassured the dog and looked at the man.

“Who are you?” she asked the man.

“Better question. Who are you? Not that I mind you here in my cabin. I aint complaining. It’s a good surprise to have such a cozy place to come home to complete with female. “

The man walked further into the cabin. There wasn’t much room, but Annie back up a little more. She took a good look.  The man looked like someone who would booby trap his cabin. He was very large with reddish hair and beard.  She wrinkled her nose at the odor wafting towards her.

“I am sorry. I didn’t know the cabin had an owner.  We shall leave immediately. If you would just give me a moment to dress?”

“Oh no need to do that. I like my women bare foot and bare-assed. Easier you know. I done thought for sure that the end of the world was going to be tad  lonely, but the good lord has answered my prayers. I think he want us to re-pop-u-late the earth.  We going to make some very purdy babies.”

Shit, thought Annie.  The man came closer and there wasn’t any where for her to go. She was stuck in the corner with the dog. It was no help to her right now.   She hushed the dag who was still growling in between whines.

The man came even closer. “I see you found that no good food stealing hound of mine. He belongs in the cabinet. Teach him ta steal a man’s supper. Can’t stand thief. Hey ain’t you a thief stealing a man’s home? That ain’t right. You need to pay for that . End of the world don’t mean no rules.”

The stench was worse the closer he got.  “I didn’t steal it. I didn’t know you were alive. Most of the world is dead. Guess you got lucky like me.  Like I said I would be happy to leave right now. “

“Don’t think so”

The man reached for her as Annie flung the machete at him. With surprising speed, he pushed the blade off course , cutting his hand the process.

“You stupid bitch. No one throws knifes at Atticus P Beedle.  Whore. You made me bleed” He slapped her hard enough she lost her grip on the towel. “Whoo whee! You is a beauty aint ya. “

Atticus grabbed her breast and twisted.  Annie tried to ignore the agony that shot through her.   When the red hot pain subsided enough, she was able to think. She was trained in hand to hand combat, but honestly had not had to use it often.   Mostly she used her knives which kept her from getting close most times.  She always had her in weapon with her during her service and it was rare she had the opportunity for an up close personal fight. The guys wouldn’t let her. They had a standing bet of who could take out an insurgent by hand. No way were they going to let her even come close. The man was roughly fondling her breasts, his stench was cloying.  Annie had had enough. If she could distract him long enough she could retrieve her blades. Annie brought her knee up hard and didn’t even come close to his crotch. He was too tall and she was too short. The man laughed and punched her. Hard.

Annie barely felt herself hit the ground as she passed out.  She did not feel Atticus get on top of her, fumbling at her jeans. She didn’t hear him hit the dog who continued to growl at him. Annie did not hear the Puma come through the open door and leap on the man’s back. She didn’t hear his scream of shock and pain, or the gurgling from his throat that the big cat ripped open. She didn’t see him knock over the tub of water and the book shelf as he fell dead.   She did not feel the cat’s heat  as it lay down next to her.

When Arthur arrived home and saw the door wide open and no smoke coming from the chimney he knew something was wrong.  He dropped the turkeys he had shot and ran to the door, notching an arrow into his bow.  He entered slowly and what he saw caused him to lower his bow. He took a deep breath. He saw a large bushy haired man with his throat ripped open in a puddle of blood and water.  The dog was in the corner whimpering and his Puma was lying next to Annie. Annie. He went to her thinking the worse, that Puma had gone crazy. He was wrong. Annie lay on her back, a huge bruise already forming over half of her face. H checked for a pulse and found one. Slow and steady. It was like she was asleep.  He softly called her name and gently shook her shoulder. No response.  He called her name louder. Still no response. Arthur picked Annie up and laid her down on the soft feather bed by the kitchen. He warmed up some water and gently cleaned the blood from her mouth. When cleaned, he tucked her in securely and gave her a feather light kiss on her forehead.  He face was swelling and looking quit awful .What had that man done?

With Annie taken care of he checked the dog who was no longer whimpering and Arthur hoped was just sleeping.  He turned back toward the bed. Puma had already gotten up there and was laying close to Annie.   He knew she was safe and Puma would keep her warm. Arthur looked at the man took a deep breath and went to check for life. There was none. Arthur was glad, because if the giant man was alive, he would have to kill him.  With the body thrown unceremoniously into the middle of the meadow for the scavengers, the blood cleaned up, and the rest of the cabin put to rights, Arthur pulled up a chair next to the bed.

“I love you Annie.  Please be ok” Arthur said softly. “Please be ok.”




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