Annie and the End of the World

Annie kicked him hard enough to dislodge him from the bed.   It occurred to her she didn’t know his name. It didn’t matter. He was a good enough companion for a while.  Annie snorted. The end of the world certainly made you rethink your standards.  Back in the day she would not have looked twice at him. First off, he was a liar. He swore he was military, special forces or seal or something. She didn’t believe it.  Without her he would have starved already. All he had was guns.  His one attempt at hunting obliterated the bunny. She kicked him again.

“Get up.  You smell like piss and old beer. “

He rolled over and threw his hands over his eyes. “Like you smell likes roses. If you haven’t noticed no running water. “

“There is a well out back with an old fashioned pump kind. Took a bath. You should have one too “ She wrinkled her  nose

“You took a shower? Like naked? Like I, I missed that?”
She rolled her eyes. He had been trying  since she met him. When the whole “I might be the only man” alive didn’t work, he tried force. That was dumb. He damn near lost his life with that one.  She was small, dainty even, and looked unarmed.  A perfect victim. But she was skilled in the art of self-defense . And she carried some very sharp knives. Knives were infinitely better. No noise, no mangled bunnies and respect from the opposite sex.

“ Well you coming? Get up. I am gone in 2.”

She walked out into the sunshine. It had felt good to clean up. They had passed several lakes and ponds but they were always occupied. She wasn’t in the mood for what was left over of civilization.  Besides, after a while you started to smell like the earth.  It was great for hunting or hiding.  She walked down the driveway of the farmhouse they had found. It was surprisingly unoccupied by the living or the dead. Thankfully, the dead was becoming less common.

The end of the world was not something anyone expected.There was no meteors, mass famine or the second coming. Everyone just got sick. They died by the hundreds, then the thousands, then the millions until only the immune were left.  You would think with technology and all ,they would have been able to get a vaccine from the immune. People got sick so fast though, anyone who could do such a thing was dead within the week.  It was that fast.  The first day or two, the news speculated about where or how it happened. Everything from biological warfare to aliens was mentioned. Whatever, it was done in a few months.  Around the world as far as Annie knew.

The worst part of the end of the world was the smell. With that many people dying, well it stunk. Annie herself buried her friends and family.  Once she was done with her grief she went into town, thinking she would help.  They were  so many dead, it would be impossible for one girl to do. So she left and wandered around, avoiding areas that once were populated.  She thought perhaps they were all going to turn to zombies, but the bodies stayed dead and rotting. She found some menthol rub in a house once and used that to mask the odor.

She didn’t have to use the menthol so much anymore.  She wasn’t sure, she hadn’t kept track, but winter had turned to spring  she figured it had been at least 3 months.  She guess it didn’t matter what day or month it was.  What did matter was she was going to have to figure out winter.  Her dumb ass Special Forces super military man could not figure out why she was worried about it. He kept telling her to relax, there was enough food and shelter around, they could just take their pick. Heck, he felt they should shack up in a grocery store for winter. Annie knew that was a bad idea. Besides just the rotten stuff, she knew that mice and rats and other creepy crawlies would also take up residence in a grocery store.   He seemed to think it was something they could deal with, she just knew better, she felt it in her gut. Bad idea. Wasn’t going to happen.  She would rather find a nice place far away from  what was left of humanity. He wanted to hang out with people, most likely people with alcohol.


Speaking of the devil. She turned to see him running towards her, guns  and arms flapping everywhere.  She  could tell even from this distance he had not taken advantage of the well.

“Hey!” He shouted again.

She wish he would be quiet.  Even if there were no humans about , he would scare off any prey around.  She waited for him.

“Hey you want to go into town? I need cigarettes , and whiskey. Whiskey is important to survival.  You can clean wounds and stuff. Learned that in the Marine corp.”

“I thought you were in the army.

“Well that too, I tell you I am a bad ass, you need to stick with me so you can survive”

She shook her head. “No, I think I will continue. I don’t need cigarettes. You go ahead. Maybe you can catch up with me.

He stood there looking at her. “Um where you going”

She nodded at path leading into the woods.

“Ok”, he said, I think I am going into town . I don’t like the woods. It is all closed in, no real good place to fight if we get ambushed. “

She nodded and he turned to leave.

“Besides there is some people down there” he said. “ I think I need fresh conversation. Ya know”

“I know. “

“Ok, then, see you.”


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