Temperature Blanket


A Temperature Blanket is a trend using the weather temperature to decide the colors for your blanket. The colors are amazing and are the key. to some great blankets. Bernat Yarns first talked about this trend years ago and it is has since gained in popularity. What started as rainbow colors has morphed into sore subtle colors, maybe to be more accurate. Let me explain.


To create a temperature blanket, you pick a series of days in your favorite season, or just days in current season. You look at the weather radar for the temperature/weather for those days, determine each color and there ya go. For example; the current 5 day forecast for Sacramento, California area is :

5 day weather forecast for Sacramento Area 

And the Doppler radar is

Doppler Radar for Sacramento Area

Using the combination of those two I could decide to use Red for thunderstorm, Dark green for rain, Light Green for light rain, and dark gray for cloudy. I could crochet a blanket using those colors depicting the days in the forecast above. My blanket would be a pattern of : Red, Dark Green, light green, dark gray, light green.


Temperature crocheting/knitting is part of the Data Craft movement. It is making something depicting data of some sort. One German lady knitted a scarf using the times Transit was delayed.Each color represented how long the train was delayed.

Translation is: My mother is a commuter in the Munich area. And avid knitter. She knitted a “rail delay scarf” in 2018. Two rows per day: Grey at under 5 minutes, pink at 5 to 30 minutes delay, red if delayed on both trips or once over 30 minutes.

What Would You use?

Data crochet/knitting I think is cool. A friend remarked she was going to make one based on Seasonal planting zones across the USA. I was thinking of making one based on Air Quality where I live for a year, which is is usually good, but things happen such as wildfires. I thought it would be interesting. What would you use for as the basis for your temperature/data blanket?