Short Stories


For the second time in a week, my cell phone rang at some ungodly hour. Even though the number is restricted and I do not intend to answer, the ring itself effectively works as an alarm clock. Therefore, I lay in my bed attempting to go sleep but my brain is awake and wants to think. In this case, it wants to tell me a story and of course, it is a complete story. So in order to shut up the head and get back to sleep I got up and wrote the story. I hope it is as good as my brain said it was at 1am.



Sometimes my Sad leaks out. Usually I can keep it hidden. Hidden well, deep behind the humor and the laughter, tucked back in the corner where it is sure to be over looked. I cover it with a blanket of talk; stack my opinions on top of it. Yes, usually my Sad is well concealed, but sometimes it leaks out.

I am jealous of those people who can show their Sad. They have little Sads, cute little fluffy ones that do not last very long. Or those who have big Sads but have a reason for it. It is ok to have a Sad f someone you loved has died or you have found out you have terminal illness. Those Sads no one seems to mind.

My Sad, however, seems to not be an ok Sad. My Sad is just there. It isn’t because I am sick, or someone that I love has died. It isn’t because someone was mean to me and told me that the no longer want me. It is not there because I am worse off than others are. It is just there. My Sad just is.

I have to keep it hidden. People want to fix a Sad. There are many ways to do so, or so I am told. It is a strange thing indeed that no one wants to fix a happy or a melancholy but they want to fix a Sad right away. They have a million remedies, from the professional to the quaint.

See a doctor. Get a pill. That will help your Sad. What the pill makes your Sad grow and become bigger? Well. Then. That is unusual. Hmm. Maybe if you take something natural. That will help your Sad. Take this. It doesn’t help? All you got was a rash. Well, are you taking it right? My friend’s daughter’s next-door neighbor’s friends took it and it saved his/ her/ their life!

Have you tried God? Did you give to God? Did you pray hard enough? Maybe if you read these verses and if you fall on your knees and beg, it will go away. And it will go away. It will. Here read this it will help. If you really mean it, your Sad will go away. If it does not then you are not trying hard enough. There is a devil you are listening to and you just are not trying.

My Sad is ugly. No one wants to see my Sad. None of my friends wants to even know I have my Sad. They are much happier when my Sad remains hidden. My Sad is ugly. My Sad doesn’t talk right and no one can understand it.  There is no one who cares for my Sad. I tried once to share my Sad with someone I loved. They treated my Sad like the others do. The loved on did not want to see my Sad either.

So I keep my Sad hidden. But sometimes, just sometimes my Sad leaks out. People glimpse it. They tell me to hide that Sad away. Cheer up. It can’t be that bad. You have it made. Count your blessings. Be grateful. Yep hide that Sad away. Not one of them says, I see you have a Sad. That is an interesting Sad. Tell me about your Sad. How long have you had your Sad. No one says that because, my Sad is just like their Sad and if they ask, their Sad will leak out. That would be messy.