Old Sacramento Photos…Buildings

I recently went on a trip to Old Sacramento in Northern California. It is a little slice of what it used to be like, way back when. I, of course, took way too many photos and I, of course, am going to share them with you. This first set I have named Buildings, even thought it is not all buildings. I did this because, lets face it,  it sounds better than structures. As always, I hope you enjoy the pictures.



I just loved the way this building looked. I am a sucker for ornate windows.

Saw this view as we parked in the garage.

These stairs were behind a building and I do believe were never meant to be seen.

I have no idea what this was supposed to be. I did not go down and read the little plaques. It did call to me and if I was alone I would have answered.

The bottom of a lamp post

This building had an old advertisement painted on it side..for Boss of the Road.

just the side of a barn

This bench was neither southern nor comfortable. it was sitting outside of a bar. I wonder how many Southern Comfort labels they had to save to get this bench.

Opened for Business



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