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Shamrock Table Decor

This fun Shamrock table decor is fun to make. It can be as elegant as a 5 year can do or a 75-year-old. The choice of materials is yours. For the littles, construction paper shamrocks work as they are easier for little fingers to cut. For the bigger, you can use stiffer materials such as kraft board, scrapbook paper, burlap, and anything else you can think of.

Here are the instructions with a video at the end


You will need to have

*Card stock

woodblock and small wood stick or dowel. Most craft stores have these wood blocks with sticks meant for table place markers. these work great. the link below is for hobby lobby. You will have to adjust your shamrock pattern to fit.

If not wanting to use a kit, a small stick or dowl for handheld shamrock is also an option. In the spirit of upcycling, empty thread spools are awesome bases.

*Pencil pen or crayon.

*Glue I used tacky glue as it sets faster

*Paper clips or something to hold shamrock together while it dries.



*Paint( optional)


Trace 3 shamrock shapes of the same size on paper with a pen or pencil. You can find a shamrock shape here .

Cut out shamrocks. you should have 3 of the same size. If you are like me and can’t cut something the same way twice, you will trim leaves after glue sets.

Glue dowel to one shamrock and glue to each leave.

With the second shamrock, match two of the leaves to the first shamrock and glue. Use paper clips to hold glued sides together

Add glue to unused leaves of second shamrock

With the third shamrock and matching leaves, glue to the second and first shamrock. Add paper clips to hold leaves together.

Let glue set. Don’t let dry completely or you might glue paper clips to the shamrock. That could be an interesting element if they do.

Once set you will glue the dowel to the base. Let set.

If you are painting the wood dowels and base, do so now before you add ribbon.

Add ribbon (optional)

All done!

Get creative with materials and show me your finished project.

As you may know by now, this project like many others I do is meant to be fun and something anyone can do. I try to minimize the need to buy things to create. Of course, if you don’t have the craft stash I do you will, of course, need to purchase. My goal is to help you create. And have fun!

Slide Show Video

A clover must have three leaves to be a shamrock.

A clover with more or less, is not a shamrock.

So, all shamrocks are clovers,

but not all clovers are shamrocks.