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It is the month of St. Patrick’s and the Beginning of Spring!

“Spring.” she sighed to her reflection in the mirror, “I miss springtime.”

I do miss springtime. Living in California, we may have many more days of sunshine than perhaps other places, we do have our winter storms. I do miss Spring. Just when I can’t stand it no more, the cold, the blustery winds, the dreariness, along comes March to lift my spirits with its promise of Spring.

March was named after the Roman god, Mars, the god of war, and an ancestor of the Roman people through his sons Romulus and Remus. According to the Romans and many cultures since March is the first month of the year. Makes sense. It is also the beginning of Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. New growth, new year.

It is indeed the beginning of Spring. While fierce winds and rains may still rage, towards the end of the month things start to calm down. The old saying: “March comes in like and lion and leaves like a lamb” is true. (Usually). We can thank English author Thomas Fuller who included it in a 1732 volume of proverbs, “Wise sentences, and Witty sayings, Ancient and Modern.”

Image by debradeka from Pixabay

Of course, we can’t forget St. Patricks Day, the one day in March when everyone dresses in green and generally makes a fool of themselves. Green beer really has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s, but it is fun nonetheless. I certainly remember as a child it was very important to wear green on St. Patrick’s or risk getting a pinch. St. Patrick also did not literally drive the snakes out of Ireland. Many believe that snakes refer to paganism and that Saint Patrick drove the pagans from the land. Either way, many will have a lot of fun on the day honoring this Catholic Saint. Erin Go bragh!

Fun March Facts:

Image by sasipre from Pixabay
  • March birthstones are Aquamarine and Bloodstones. Both are said to represent courage.
  • Daffodils, one of the earliest bloomers are the month’s flower.
  • It is National Celery Month
  • Justin Bieber’s birthday is onMarch 1st.
  • Color Palettes center on blues and dark greens.
  • This is the month that animals start to wake up from hibernation,
  • March and June finish on the same day of the week
  • While most know that Cesaer was assassinated one on the Ides of March, did you know that March 15th was also the day in the Roman calendar considered a deadline for settling debts.
  • NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after nearly one full year on the International Space Station, setting a new record for the longest uninterrupted trip to space in 2015.
  • March is the first of seven months to have 31 days.

And my favorite:

  • March 1st, 2007 a detachment of 170 Swiss infantrymen accidentally invaded neighboring Liechtenstein. They had gotten lost on a training mission. After explaining the mistake to Liechtenstein, the Swiss army was given directions and returned home.
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