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Johnny Cash~Some Stuff You Probably Did Not Know

I am a hoarder of information. Because of this I have very large files full of bookmarks, notes and links to site. In order to heal my compulsion to save everything and declutter my computer I have been purging. During this process I have come across some things that make me question my sanity and some others that I am still fascinated with. Mostly I have learned that I like useless facts. Those things that help you win a Trivia Pursuit game or impress your friends and random strangers at the bar but actually have very little value. The link below is one of those things.
I came across it a while back, read it and ,of course, saved it. Now honestly I am not a huge fan of country music. I think most of it today is quite interchangeable with pop music. It may be because I grew up listening to what I consider “real” country music. Artists such as Hank Williams, Sr., Jimmie Rogers, Ernest Tubbs, Charley Pride and, of course, John Wayne now that is country to me.  So something called 78 things you didn’t know about Johnny Cash comes up I read it.I liked it. I learned things like that Cash was the only person successfully sued by the US for starting a forest fire when his tour bus leaked oil. There are 77 other facts for you to enjoy.