A day in the life

Shannon Park Walk

Today I went walking early. It is supposed to get into the 100’s,  so early to beat the heat. I happened to live in area  with lots of parks. I can think of at least half dozen parks in my city alone. Today I went to Shannon Park. Shannon Park has a community center, kids park, water fountain to play in, a stream running through it and lots of nice green grass to play or relax on. I have not been to this park since they rebuilt it. The community center used to be a wooden structure and the bridge to it was wooden as well. When they rebuild the made it all stucco and the put asphalt over the wooden slats of the bridge.  It used to look like something in the forest, now not so much. I am pleased to say, however, that it still manages to retain that piece of the forest in the middle of the city feel. It was a nice walk.

There were diamonds in the grass
A bridge hidden way in the back of the park crossing the stream
Steps. I thought they looked a bit like mushrooms
A fresh take on Monkey Bars
A climbing structure in the children’s park. A little one’s perspective
Mosaic Froggy
Mosaic Deer