Help I Am Turning Into A Critical Nazi Ex-Smoker

I just returned from a rather long road trip. Most of the trip was purposeful with timelines and obligatory family visits. One of those “hurry we have to be here for breakfast there or this event” kind of trips. The driving to get there was the best part of that section of the trip.  I love the journey, the destinations not so much. I always try to schedule in some fun time and this time I was able to. I ended the trip in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.
I absolutely love Tahoe. I love the beauty, I love the gambling. The drive up is wonderful. My prefered route is to take Highway 88 through Carson Pass. It is just gorgeous. When I get there, I take the obligatory trip around the Lake, which is awesome and quite beautiful. However, many time many times I have gone to Tahoe, (it is a half days drive from my home) for the sole purpose of gambling. I know, how could I go to such a beautiful place and then sit inside. Well, it is close to home and honestly that Lake is fricking no swimming.
This trip happens to be the first to Tahoe since I have quit smoking.  I have been gambling, there are Casinos closer to home on Native American lands. I have no problems there, they have non-smoking areas. Well, the casino I stayed in a Tahoe did not have a non-smoking area of the casino. I wasn’t overly concerned at first. I happen to like the smell of other’s cigarettes. At least I thought I did.
When I finally  went down to the casino to play it was not that busy, I think it was like a Tuesday , so not busy. I played a little. I got bored pretty quick. I also notice the smoke was a tad bothersome. My eyes were burning a little and it was not smelling that good. Not to mention the damn smokers kept following me no matter where i sat somebody sat down and lit up, some of them one after another. So off to dinner and other diversions for the night.
The next day we had decided to go on the Tahoe Queen. The Tahoe Queen is paddle boat, (like those on the Mississippi River) that takes a tour of the Lake and one of the more beautiful spots in the lake, Emerald Bay. Oh what a great boat ride. Two hours on the lake. I did ask before boarding how long was the ride as I have a memory of a 4 hour tour that did not end well for a small group of people that included a professor, a billionaire, a movie star and some other folks. 2 hours was good. I really enjoyed the tour and I have lots of pics which I will  share in another post.
On the way back to the dock, someone behind me lit up a cigarette. I had been quite happy sitting on the same deck chair for the majority of the trip. Happy little frozen clam (it was a bit cold). Enjoying the view, the spectacular beauty of it all and these somebodies light up a cigarette. As I mentioned before, up until this point I enjoyed the smell of other people’s cigarettes. Not this time. It absolutely reeked. Ruined my whole vibe. I stood up and turned around. It was two ladies. I glared at them and walked to the other end of the boat. Turned out to be a good move as I could watch us dock. I was annoyed at the smokers, though.  How could they ruin my trip. It was a non-smoking trip. As I grumbled it dawned on my I was becoming on of those horrible creatures I vowed not to become. The Critical Nazi Ex-Smoker!
No! I hated those people when I smoked. Always making remarks, giving you THAT look, judging. Oh no! Then I started to wonder if that was what I was like. How many times did I light up because something was two hours long and I just couldn’t wait anymore? Was I ever that rude? No, I was not. I would have just not done the trip if I could not smoke. Do I want to turn into a Critical Nazi Ex-Smoker? Nope. Am I one?  I think I am turning into one…

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