Emphsyema Update

Trees of Mystery

I was recently on vacation up to the Oregon coast. I had a blast. Not just in the things we did, but the drive is drop dead gorgeous once. The Redwood trees are amazing and quite awe-inspiring. I have been through the Avenue of the Giants before,but I always get the same feelings of reverence when I am there. As it turns out, I learned on this trip that the Natives Americans did not really go into the Redwood Forest and called it a Place of Souls. I get it. It was actually in a place called the Trees of Mystery that I learned that fact and I learned my lungs are stronger than I think.

I’ll explain. In the Trees of Mystery there are four trails. One of them, the Wilderness trail, was a no go for me and the husband as it was for experienced hikers with appropriate footwear only. While I had the right foot wear and I have been hiking, I am not that all experienced nor do I want to be. So no Wilderness Trail trekking for us.

Another trail was the Sky Trail. That is the one the hubby wanted to go on. Not me. I hate those sky car gondola things. I am always pretty sure I will get stuck. That the contraption will break down and I will have to get rescued and I can never figure out how they would do that. Or the huge cable breaks and I plummet to my death. Yea my brain goes there. The Husband, he really likes them and I decided to go on it for him. UGH. But I did not die. So that’s good.

The other two trails, The Tall Tales trail and the Trees of Mystery Trail we did go on. I almost didn’t see the Trees of Mystery because I asked for a shuttle up to the killer Gondola. With my emphysema, going up steep trails or stairs causes me to lose my breath. It feels like my chest is going to blow up, literally hurts, and takes quite a while to catch my breath. I was told it had to do with the inefficient exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Just not enough room in there for all the oxygen.

There I was sitting on a tree trunk bench waiting for the shuttle. I was feeling pretty useless. Like, again, my lungs were keeping us from having fun. Not even going to mention that patience is a virtue I do not possess. I was feeling very down on myself when my husband said that we should try the trail. He reminded me that the ticket taker said it was not that steep (yea it was, in parts) and that we were not in a marathon and I could take my time.

So up we went. I did have to stop and catch my breath and slow my heart. The second time took the rescue inhaler and had a much easier time with the rest of the Trail. I also went rather slow and really took in the trees. It was kinda cool, with the Cathedral Tree that folks have been married at, the Lightening Tree and the Big Brother Tree among many others. It was so cool in there and smelled amazing. I am glad we went up the trail. I am glad I gave myself a chance to see the sights. And my lungs did great!

Some Pics of the Trees Of Mystery