Ice rider 8

The bear gave a huge roar and faced Sebella, dog forgotten as he caught sight of her. Miriam helped Seth up and they both ran behind a snowdrift. Sebella shook her cape at the bear and as he turned to the robe, she jumped behind the bear. It was too quick and turned back to face her; she ducked as a gigantic paw shot out towards her head. Again, she shook the robe. She needed the bear to focus on the robe so she could get behind him. There she could jump on him and cut his throat. The bear again turned back to face her. This time his paw made contact and Sebella found herself flying through the air. She rolled when she hit the ice and jumped up. The bear and decided that the two behind the snowdrift were interesting. Sebella was not going to have that. No way was anyone she was responsible for was going to be harmed.
“Hey” she yelled
The bear looked over his shoulder at Sebella. She was running towards the bear. He turned and showed his teeth. Sebella ran almost to the bear then turned at the last minute. The bear did what she hoped he would do, he followed her. There was no way she could outrun a bear, so breathing heavy, she stopped. She had lost her cape back by the snowdrift. All she had were her knives.
“It’s ok.” She thought, “It is all I need.
Something warm trickled down her face towards her eyes. . She swiped it away and looked at her hand. It was red with blood. The bear must have gotten her with his claws when he cuffed her. She chanced a glance to where Miriam and Seth were hiding. They were still there. She looked back at the bear; He was standing before her roaring and biting at the air. He was the biggest bear Sebella had ever seen. Any other time she would have avoided such a big bear. She looked into his black eyes. All she could see was her own reflection. Sebella knew, looking in that eye, that this was the bear that would kill her.
“Run” she yelled at Seth and Miriam. “Run”
The bears paw slapped Sebella again. This time she could not roll and her head bounced on the ice. Things went black for a second. When she came to the bear was coming towards her again. She got up on a knee and tried to get up. She could not and fell back on the ice. She felt the bear push her with his nose. Everything was dreamlike and moving at slow motion. The bear opened his mouth and roared again. She looked up at his mouth and saw his sharp teeth. They were yellow and one in the back was broken in half. Sebella found that a little funny and as she started to laugh. Her laugh startled the bear a bit and he sat back, on her legs. And look at her quizzically. That was even funnier and Sebella laughed hysterically.
Abruptly a large boom filled the air. Sebella was sprayed with blood and the bear fell sideways. The sudden easing of the weight of the bear brought Sebella back and she quit laughing. The bear lay to the side of her, half of his head gone. His back leg was still moving as if he was running. Sebella backed away on her elbows and sat up. She looked around and coming towards them was a machine it looked like one that the Ravagers had. She looked towards Seth and Miriam and found both of them running towards her. She waved them back to the drift, but they kept coming anyway, oblivious to the idea that the person on the machine could be a bad guy. She guessed in their eyes he looked like a hero. Maybe he was. Sebella knew it was possible she was overly suspicious. Better safe than sorry though.
The machine came right up to the bear and Sebella who was now standing up. The man cut the engine and got off, raising his goggles. It was one of the ravagers, Sebella recognized him from before. He noticed the look on her face.
“Not all of us are stupid” he answered her unspoken question. “Now I don’t want any trouble with you. You are an Ice rider, yes?” At Sabella’s nod, he continued. “All I want is the little lady that ran away from me a while back. Now I bought her honestly and I intend to claim my prize. I have no quarrel with an Ice Rider, so if you can just tell me where she is, we will be leaving. Oh yea you can have the bear”
Just as he quit talking, Miriam reached Sebella with Seth right behind her.
“Well here she is now” the ravager showed his yellowing and broken teeth in a twisted smile.
The ravager grabbed Miriam’s arm and started to pull her towards the machine he came on.
“Come on missy, me and you we got some business to take care of and if you are good, I Iet you live.”
Still feeling a bit dizzy, Sebella stood up. She swayed a bit and almost fell down again as she bent and grabbed the knife from her boot. She closed one eye but that made her dizzier, so she kept her eyes open. Seth was running towards Miriam and the ravager and he was going in and out of her line of sight. She shrugged well, she was going to hit someone, and it truly did not matter right now. She swayed again, aimed, and threw her knife.
“Lucky Seth” she thought as her blade found purchase between the Ravager’s shoulder blades.
He fell forward and his body hit the throttle of his ice machine. Sebella did not the dead man ride off into the distance as the effort to throw her blade knocked her back down. She sat with her head in her hands, feeling the world spinning faster than usual. Miriam had fallen on her rear when the machine took off but she was fine and ran to Sebella. She got to the Ice rider the same time as Seth. Neither knew what to do for their guardian nor just stood there looking down at Sebella.
Dog showed back up. He came to Sebella and began to lick off the bear blood and goo that was scattered on her face. His busy tongue help bring Sebella back again. She hugged Dog who squirmed against the unexpected and unwelcomed affection. He gave her a disgusted look then went back to cleaning her up.
“What are you two looking at?” Sebella snapped halfheartedly.

Miriam dropped to her knees and looked at the angry bump on Sabella’s forehead. She reached for it but Sebella grabbed her wrist and shook her head no. Seth was looking at the body of the polar bear.
“Should we leave here now? Won’t other bears come?”
“Now that’s the smartest thing you have ever said. “ Sebella was a bit shocked that Seth had actually earned something. “We should go, but I need some help for a while until the dizzy goes away.”
Both Miriam and Seth helped Sebella stand up. With support on both sides, she tried to walk only to find that her ankle was broken. She got them to bring her to the drift. The other two gathered their things up and Miriam went and got Sebella’s cloak. She reported seeing something coming on the horizon. Sebella grabbed her Eagle from her pack. She was in no shape to fight. She pulled herself up to the top of the snowdrift and waited. It was not a long wait and her anxiety turned to joy as the sound of hoofs and a hello, horse style. came through the air.
Horse was back.