Sorry about not being here for you

Must apologize for the sporadic posts lately. Not only is it my nature to be an negligent writer, I have also  received notice to vacate my home in 60 days. My friends feel like I do about it. It is a little wrong of the landlord to give me such a short time after living here for 25 plus years.  So I have been home hunting and packing simultaneously and crying and sleeping and not necessarily writing.

The honey tells me to relax it will be ok. I don’t know. I guess it is a fresh start.  Originally, we said to each other when we got into our current home, that it would be just temporary until we find a place to buy. We looked at houses and decided that we needed to save some money first.   We never did, The kids were a priority. Their school and making little people into big people takes a lot of money and time. I am talking Color Guard, little league, first boyfriends , girlfriends, proms and all that kind of stuff. Our money went into me staying home to make sure that snacks were snacked, naps napped and homework worked.   Money was not saved.

SO now here we are, facing that decision again.  DO we lease or buy. Do we want the irresponsibility of leasing, where if the toilet busts up? Not our problem.  There would be rules. Can’t BBQ on the deck, no holes in the walls, can’t remodel. Maybe we should buy. Then we have all the responsibility. If the toilet busts up we find the money to fix.  We can make our rules and BBQ on the patio.  I don’t know, very confused at the moment and feeling a tad blindsided.

Anyway, all that whining is just that. It is what it is . I am starting to wrap my head around the thought that it is an adventure, no matter where we end up.  A fresh start.  A chance to purge the stuff from my life. Blah blah blah, I would have rather not moved until I was ready to.  How dare he give notice. That was MY prerogative not his. Stupid Landlord.  You can’t fire me I quit!.

But that is why I have be a bit sporadic. I trying hard though, give me a chance k?