Drop Of Blood 5


brain“What do you mean you are me? “ Meg was confused. Her head was hurting and it was getting worse.

“Are you like a spider? You know like that spider in the book with the pig and the little girl. The one who wrote with its web. What is it name? Oh yea Charlotte. Are you Charlotte? “
“No” the voice came back. It was weird the vice. It sounded like herself, but deeper, like if she was a guy. Meg decided the voice was a guy.

“You are a guy.” She declared.

She was quite happy with herself for figuring it out. Now to figure out where it came from

“You are a guy, so you are not Charlotte. But what are you? I hope you are not like a bug, like a cockroach. That would be weird to be talking to a cockroach. Especially in this neighborhood. It is too nice to have cockroaches.”

This stuck Meg as funny and she began to laugh but stopped shortly as her head felt like it was going to explode.

She made her way to the kitchen where her medicine was on the counter.  She picked up one of the bottles an opened it. She poured some pills into her hand and was about to throw them into her mouth when the voice intervened.

“That’s too many and that is not the medicine for your headache.”   The voice sounded almost like it was yelling.

Meg dropped the pills.

“My head is killing me”, she told the voice. “It is going to blow up then there will be brains everywhere.”
She dropped to the floor and there she sat with her heads in her hands.

“Hey what is your name? “She asked the voice. I am tired of thinking of you as the voice.
“Call me what you want, The Voice works. Or Meg II or Bob.  Whatever you choose. ”

“Meg II is silly. I shall call you Bob. That will work. Meg would not, that is my name. Besides you are a boy.”
The pain in Megs head increased. It was pounding at her temple. It increased until all of a sudden it was gone. It went so fast that it took Meg a while before she realized it was gone. No more pressure, no more pain.

“Your nose is bleeding Meg.” Bobo said to her.

Sure enough, drops of blood were dripping out of her nose and dropping on the linoleum. Each drop creating a sunburst of red on the floor in a macabre painting.

“Crap” the expletive escaped her lips as she put her head back and pinched the bridge of her nose. She thought the doctor said that her nosebleeds would not happen anymore. What a quack.  She got to her feet and went to the fridge. She opened the freezer, grabbed an ice pack, and put it on her nose. Holding a towel, she had grabbed on the way to the living room under her nose and sat on the couch.  It took a while but finally she quit bleeding.

“Well that was dumb” she said,  but there was no reply. No voice, no bobo.

Maybe she dreamed it.  She always had a good imagination. She gave a snort of a laugh and reached for the remote. She turned on the TV and was immediately shocked. There was her office building. In flames! She unmuted the sound.  A bubbly brunette was talking as if she was happy to report bad news.

“The Centerpointe building was set ablaze Monday in what the fire Chief and police are calling suspicious.  Not all employees were able to escape the blaze unscathed. Several employees had smoke inhalation and there was one broken leg when on employee jumped out of a second floor window.  There was also two bodies found in the ashes today but police have not identified the bodies as of yet.”

Meg listened to the fire chief talk about the corpses they found in the building.  Meg could not believe it.  What was going to happen now?  They were saying it happened Monday as if that was several days ago and not today.  It was Monday wasn’t it. Meg went to look for her cell phone.  It was not in her purse or on the kitchen counter where she normally put it. She found it in her room on the charger. She did not remember putting it there. That was weird.  She turned it on and found out it was Friday. Friday!

It was Friday. So why hadn’t anyone called her yet. I mean she did work there. You would think someone would call her and tell her not to come to work. Heck, it was Friday why had no one called her to find out why she had not shown up for work.  Meg went back to the couch and turned up the TV when she saw they were still talking about the fire.  There was nothing else to say but the reporter drug it out for another 3 minutes.  There was some cell phone footage showing people leaving the building. Meg thought she saw herself, but that could not be. She had not been at work, had she? She didn’t really know, but the footage was shaky and hard to tell.

She looked at her phone. There was only one message. She dialed in and listened to it. It was form the hospital reminding her of a follow-up appointment. On Thursday. Did she go?  Again, she had lost time.  Meg had no idea whether she had gone or not gone. Must have gone to work because someone would have called her to find out where she is.

“Well did I go to work?” she asked Bob.

No reply. What was going on? She was starting to think she was losing her mind. She was losing time and talking to voices that did not exist.  She sighed. A cup of tea was in order she decided if she was going to be nuts she might as well be calm about it. No sense in getting all crazy. She laughed and headed into the kitchen.