Dancing Bear 3

Dancing Bear



Claudia couldDancing Bear not believe it. She tried to pull her leg from the mud. It did not come out. Again she tried. It was no use. Claudia was stuck. She needed something to help pull her out. She looked for her stick.  When she jumped over the stream she had tossed the stick. It now lay out of her reach. Claudia felt tears come to her eyes. To have come so far. Now, she wasn’t going anywhere. She had to find the man called Dancing Bear. She had to figure out how to get unstuck.  

She grabbed a handful of grass and tried to pull herself out. The grass easily came loose at the roots and Claudia was left holding fistfuls of the stuff. Looking at the she had an idea. Maybe she could stuff the grass around her leg and it would help with the release the hold the mud had on her. She twisted as best as she could and with one hand scrapped away some mud and quickly, using the other hand packed some of the grass in the hole that appeared.   Claudia did this several times and then tried to move her leg up. It seemed to come up a little bit. She decided she needed to go deeper.

Claudia had to reach farther and farther to get grass. Every time she tried to pull her leg out it seemed to come up a few more inches. Claudia worried that perhaps she would not have enough grass. That she would not get out before nightfall. She was already shivering. She did not know if she would survive a night lying on the bank of the stream with her leg in the mud. If the rain came back she would be in big trouble. She reached as far as she could to grab more of the grass when something licked her hand.  She snatched it back as fast as she could and look. It was a wolf.

 “No, no, no, no, no”, Claudia cried. “No wolves can’t do wolves.”

She stared at the wolf. The wolf stared back. He started to come to her.
“NO” she yelled. The wolf seems taken aback by Claudia yelling. He blinked and then sat down. He continued to stare at her, his blue eyes seeming to look through her.  Claudia was a little upset. She had come so far so far. Not only was she stuck in the mud but now she had a wolf staring at her with his beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes. BLUE eyes! Wolves did not have blue eyes! This wasn’t a wolf. It was a dog. A dog. Maybe the dog could help her.

Here boy. She called to the wolf-dog. It, the wolf-dog stood up and came to Claudia.  

My stick, get my stick.” she told the dog pointing towards the stick. “Over there”

The dog looked at her finger then looked at her face again. He looked as if he wanted to please her but had no idea what she wanted.  

“The stick. Get the stick. Go get the stick” Claudia tried with a playful voice.

Again the dog just whined a little, wiggled and seemed confused. He came closer and leaned forward to lick her face. Claudia turned her head and at that moment the world shook again. The dog was catapulted forward and his head struck Claudia’s forehead and knocked her out.

“Claudia, Claudia. Look what came to visit, a dog.”

“Yes, Yes.  I like dogs.” Claudia tried to answer.

 No words came out of her mouth. She felt like she was in a prison of some sorts, like she was in a place that was no place at all. She remembered the dog. He was trying to lick her. Was that real? She didn’t know everything was confusing and nothing seemed right. Where was she? She tried to look around but she could not open her eyes. They were glued shut. Something wasn’t right she wasn’t supposed to be in this nothing. It wasn’t right at all. She was not going to stay here. She could not stay here. She could not.  She couldn’t.   She forced her eyes to open. 

The brightness of the place blinded her and she closed her eyes quickly. She reopened them slowly just a little. A little was enough. She saw him! She saw the man! The Man name Dancing Bear was here with her. She had found him! She had found him!

Dancing Bear” she cried “I am here. I can see you!”

Joseph took a drink of his coffee. He was happy that the gal with the therapy dog had come in. It had actually cheered him up. He knew it was for Claudia’s therapy. The idea was that sometimes Coma patients responded to stimuli and animals seem to be a big one. SO they bought the dog in. He was a retired search and rescue dog, a Husky with the most gorgeous blue eyes you have ever seen. His name was wolf and he came straight to joseph.  The dog sat there while Joseph petted him and talked to him. It was almost like wolf knew Joseph had things to say, that the soldier needed to give his worries to someone for just a moment.
 The dog left Joseph at the behest of his owner who brought him to Claudia’s side. Joseph watch as the dog seemed to go very slowly. It watched her for the longest time before moving closer to her side. He whimpered a little then moved in to lick Claudia’s face.

“I am so sorry” the dog’s owner said. “He has never done that before.”

“It’s ok.”

Joseph did not see what the issue was but the gal was calling the nurse saying something about Claudia’s breathing tube needed to be change because of wolf licking her face.

Joseph heard something. It sounded like it was coming from the bed. May be the dog had knocked something loose. Joseph stood up and went to look at Claudia’s tubes and IVs to see if all was in place. He found himself looking into her green eyes.

“Hmmpfgh” came weakly from her mouth.

“Claudia? Baby?  Baby!  She’s awake! She’s awake!” Joseph shouted.  “She’s awake!”



Claudia Wind Dancer was indeed wake and she stayed in long term are for almost 6 months. She learned how to talk, to feed herself, to live again. They had told her that she would probably not walk again but she did. ON her one year anniversary…she stood up from her wheelchair and walked a couple of steps. It was also the same day she found she was pregnant for the first time. She never told Joseph about her time in the otherworld as she called it. She had briefly mentioned it to a doctor who told her that her mind made up stuff to reconcile the time she was in the coma. Claudia knew better. She never mentioned to her doctors again.  She did discuss it with her friend and her healer Medicine Wolf. Medicine Wolf told her that it was a spirit journey, a thing to be respected and to learn from. Claudia agreed.

 Joseph finished his time overseas and in the military. At Claudia’s urging he re-signed with the promise he would remain stateside for at least a year. He tried to talk to her, asked her if she had any memory of when she was in the accident and the subsequent coma but Claudia claimed ignorance. He didn’t believe her but understood that sometimes things remain unsaid. We were ready she would tell him She did say that she remembered him and that everything else was just white.  Joseph loved her very much and was excited to be able to see his new baby before he was sent to Germany; Claudia was to join him there in a few months. They would be family. He was going to make sure of it.

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