Dancing Bear 2

Dancing Bear

She stepped out of the Dancing Beartrees and into the meadow.  The grass was tall and dry, the rain had finally stopped and for that Claudia was grateful.  It was impossible to tell what time of day it was though as the clouds still covered the sky, but she felt has if she had walked most of the day. Earlier she had climbed a tree and had spotted the small mountain that was on the other side of the meadow.

Claudia was sure that if she could get to the other side of the mountain she would find the White Place.  She could feel that she was getting close, that soon she would find the man called Dancing Bear. She took a step then turned back to look into the trees. Puma was still not there. She had lost her somewhere in the forest. Puma had just disappeared. It made Claudia sad. She had had Puma since her child time. There was nothing to do for it though. Claudia would not turn back.

The meadow made her nervous.  There were no trees to climb in case of predators. It was cold and bear would be looking to put on more fat before their long sleep. A small woman would easily help do that. There were wolves as well. Wolves never passed up an easy meal. The coyotes were cowards unless they were together, Claudia wasn’t completely sure if they would even come up this high, as coyotes tended to stay where it was warmer.  She did have her walking stick, a sturdy branch she had picked up earlier. It may help if she needed to fend off some hungry predator.

She had only walked about a third of the way when she heard the howl of the wolves. The cries came from everywhere at once. Claudia could not get a fix on their direction. No. No she needed to find the man called Dancing Bear, not fight off wolves.  Again a howl. Was it closer? Claudia didn’t know. She began to run.  She ran as fast as she could.  The grass seemed to grab at her slowing her down.

“Claudia! Claudia!  The time is now.”

The man called Dancing bear was calling.

Claudia stopped short.

“I am Here!” she cried. “The time for what ?  What shall I do.”

“Now Claudia”  

Claudia’s whole world began to shake.  The earth trembled violently throwing Claudia to the ground.  She cried out. Claudia was frightened.  She looked behind her and saw a big rift opening up in the valley. Claudia stood up and ran. She ran as hard as she could. She ran from the wolves and the earth opening up trying to swallow her. Claudia ran for her life. She came to a small stream and lept over it. She missed. She did not clear the stream. Her one leg found purchase on the other side, her other did not.  Claudia’s leg sunk to her knee in mud.  She cried out, closed her eyes and covered her ears until the earth quit shuddering. A tear escaped her eye.

Joseph had spent the last couple of hours answering the phonecalls from concerned family and friends. The same with visitors.  Visitors would come in with a flurry, full of exclamations and questions, their arms laden with things that Claudia would not know of. Flowers, that sat there and died, chocolates, stuffed animals, cards,  all would be scooped up and put in a drawer at home or thrown out eventually. The stuffed animals Joseph donated to the kids in the hospitals. The chocolates he ate. Those always left him wondering. Who brought chocolates to a woman in a coma?

The doctors had done their rounds with their interns and baby doctors milling about.  They always looked a bit uncomfortable when they saw Joseph sitting there. Some tried to smile in an encouraging way the others refocused only on Claudia.  The doctor told joseph what he always told Joseph. There was no way of knowing when or how Claudia would come back.

Everyone was gone, when the nurse came and told joseph that they were here to move Claudia to the long term care. Sure enough, two guys dressed in white showed up with a gurney. Joseph leaned over Claudia and gave her a kiss.

“Claudia, they are here now to take you to long term care. Time to go. Don’t worry I will be with you ok? I love you.”

The attendants,( were they EMTs? Joseph did not know) and the nurse swarmed over Claudia removing IVS and leads to alarms and monitors, re hooking them to portable ones before the moved her to the gurney.  The nurse gave her one more blanket, then wished Joseph good luck.

Josepha followed the gurney carrying Claudia out the double doors to the ambulance.  He waited until they had loaded her into the back then took his seat next to her. The doors were closed, the engine started and the ambulance moved out into the street. The attendant smiled at Joseph as he checked Claudia’s heart. He looked down at his beloved. There was a tear in her on here cheek. Joseph gently wiped it away. Joseph took Claudia’s hand and stared at the receding hospital as they drove way.

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