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If you are a creative person like me then you go to craft shows or fairs and enjoy looking at the items. Invariably, though, you look at the prices and think, well, I can make that myself. The prices are fair. They include not only the materials, but the labor as well. It is not cheap to be crafty.  My problem is I  undervalue my time because I have so much fun making things. It is like my meditation. When I am busy crafting, I am thinking of my project and nothing else. It clears the mind from the daily clutter.  Because of that I find more value in what I do than the dollar amount. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the worth of my time and am not afraid to charge for it. I mean I used to work for Michaels Arts and Crafts. While I enjoyed the work, I would not go there if I was not paid for my time.  Same principal.

The downside of all that “ME” time is that I have quite a bit of crafty things I have created. You can only give so many gifts. Not to mention that if I want to continue to craft then I need to buy supplies and the real world insists on money.  People who see my things tend to say things like, “How cute!” “That’s beautiful” “Wow you made that?” “Can you  make me one?” Going to craft fairs would require me to have a large inventory and give up my weekends for life. So what to do? I joined the world’s largest craft fair!


That’s right. I joined Etsy. At last count  (2014) Etsy had 54 million registered users worldwide. That is one heck of a  craft fair. There were 1.4 million sellers.  ( That’s a lot of folks trying to get you to buy things. If there was a craft fair IRL (in real life) it could get overwhelming looking at all that stuff. So Etsy has a great search engine, but in order to even be found one must put some effort into letting folks know about your store.  Of course  you my loyal followers, can always type in my store name in your browser, CraftedbyTW, and find me. I have jewelry and these amazingly cute, little horse plushies for sell.  Since I do like to make things one never knows what will show up for sale at the store so check often.  While there could you please favorite my store and some of my items if you like what you see? It helps move the store up in ratings.

Here are some of the stuffs I have created for you.

Metal Cutout Star Necklace

Pretty Heart Necklace with Pink and Black Hearts

Blue Sodalite Necklace

Metal Medieval Cross Necklace

Crochet Red and White Horse Plushie

Crochet Black and White Horse Plushie

Crochet Gold and Black Horse Plushie

Crochet Pink Horse Plushie