Grandma Diary ~ Batpire

The other day as I walked Charlee to the cafeteria at school she was singing a song that, because of my ears, I could not hear very well. It was something about bats flying high in the sky and wings flapping. She then turned to me and said that when she grows up she wants to be a Batpire. I have corrected her before, but she insists on calling Vampire Bats, Batpires. Vampire Bats. Batpires. It works.
The reason I was walking her to the cafeteria is it was and has been raining cats and dogs and Batpires. At her school, kids go to the cafeteria during inclement weather and there the teachers come and get them. The kids also go if they are at school before 8. That way they are released to play on the playground when the monitors get there and there are adults in the area to supervise. It is a good system. Many of the children have breakfast as well.
I tend to walk Charlee in because she wants me to. She is only in kindergarten and still finding her way through the sea of children. It is harder for her I think because other than daycare she is an only child and does not have that interaction that kids with siblings have. Of course I can be full of caca doodoo . Her mother drops her off. It might be a grandma thing.
Anyway, I walk her into that cafeteria or to where her class lines up, depending on weather and what time I managed to get there. The kids drop of their backpacks to hold their place in line and run off to go play. Little Miss Charlee is just now beginning to be ok with me leaving before she walks into class. So I give hug and kisses where she lines up and she is off playing, most often with the gaggle of boys who surround her all the time.
Sure is different than when I went to school. I barely remember Kindergarten. We were still in California and my two memories where of my sister telling me that lightening would hit the fence and then hit me as we walked during stormy weather to school. Then she promptly forgot to pick me up and I was too afraid to walk home because, you know, lightening. That was the day I started to not believe everything my sister said. The other memory is of the janitor giving me carrots to feed the rabbit that lived under the school building. That’s it, because then we went to Hawaii and memories are much stronger from that time.
When I went to school, we had to walk both ways uphill in ten of snow. Not really we walked across the park and into school. We did not have backpacks, lunch boxes and all the accruements kids carry today. One little girl ( 3rd grader I think) had a purse. What we did have was our lunch in a brown paper bag. Only rich kids had a metal lunch box. We carried what few books, if any, in our arms, gasp. I am still trying to figure out how Charlee’s backpack gets so heavy. She has nothing it. We also didn’t have sooo much homework. Most of my homework was stuff we didn’t finish in class for one reason or the other. Charlee’s homework packet the last week must have been 10 pages long. She is in Kindergarten for goodness sakes.
School has changed a lot, even from when my kids were in it. There is more homework and more structured time. Kindergarteners don’t have a nap and no snack time. They have a recess. In my day and my children’s time, there was snack time where we sat and had our Graham crackers and milk, and then we went to play. We didn’t have recess until we went to big kids school. First grade!
Things certainly have changed. I don’t know whether it is for the better or not. Not judging that. New moms who kids are going to school for the first time are happy about the extra free time to perhaps use the bathroom undisturbed. One thing I do know, Charlee may be right, let’s all become Batpires.