Abstract Cat Stitch (crochet)

If you can dream you can stitch it. A while back I wrote about and gave the pattern for the Tulip Stitch.


In that post I also included the Elephant Stitch.

Now I give you the Abstract Cat Stitch. It is very cute stitch and makes a great scarf, hat , blanket, heck, anything you can think of. The trick to making the crochet cat stitch is to use contrasting yarns. such as blue and white, brown and pink, etc. Whatever you use it should be easy to see the cats when you are done. When using a variegated or a sold color yarn , you get a pretty stitch, but the cats are hard to see. You could use a variegated yarn but there should be a solid contrasting color.

Here is step step instructions from Wikihow on how to crochet the cat stitch.


Or if you prefer you can get the free pattern from https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/abstract-cats