Universe 25

I was stumbling round the internet and came across a fantastic article from  The Cabinet. The Cabinet is an magazine that is “Showcasing conceptual art, literature and essays. Issue samples, news, purchasing and submission information, and themes.” The article I read was entitled The Behavioral Sink (issue 42 Forgetting Summer 2011).

42_coverThe Article talked about John B. Calhoun who in 1972 created Universe 25 a Utopia for mice. His experiments were to show that it would not be the consuming of all our resources that would kill us humans off , but the lack of space. His utopia always had plenty of food water recreation everything a mouse could want except space.

The article goes not only into his experiments and the results but the purpose and what Calhoun was really trying to show. It was not the negative ideals that others gleaned from his research  but the positive was what  he truly wanted to show.Calhoun

It is a long but fascinating read. Here is the link to the article  http://www.cabinetmagazine.org/issues/42/wiles.php

You can also watch below