Bucket List

A while back, 2007 to be exact,  the movie, The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman was released. It was a fairly decent movie. The premise of it was that Nicholson is dying and instead of laying around in a hospital he decides to go do things he always wanted to do. So he writes a list of things to do before he kicks the bucket. Hence the name The Bucket List.
I was diagnosed with a lung disease, that while not likely to kill me for a bit, well get progressively worse to the point I won’t be able to do much.So I went ahead and put together a bucket list of my own. Here are my top 10 .

Snake river at bottom of grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

WEEEE Zip Line in Maui

Zip Line In Maui

Go up high

Indoor Rock Climbing

up high looking down on manatee

Helicopter tour of Manatees

Lobstermen holding lobster

Fresh Maine Lobster in Maine

White House

White House VIP Tour

Batter up.

Diamond Level Seating at Oakland Coliseum
Go A’s!

Go Fast Boat

Jet Boat tour of Colorado River

Choo Choo

Taking The Train in Alaska. The Alaska Railroad with Turnagain Arm and Chugach Mts. in background.

Rock full of seals

Seal Cave on the Oregon Coast

Just 10. Maybe none of these things are exciting to you, but honestly, these are things I have always wanted to do. It is unfortunate that I had to get bad news to motivate me enough to get out there, to see, to do before I can’t. What would you put on your list? Tell me..I might add to mine!

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