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Try it First Shopping

Why shopping at home and try it before you buy it is the bomb

I recently decided I need a new bathing suit. I am finally to point that I am off most of the meds the pulmonologist put me on and injections in the knees for arthritis. I can now start to get serious about exercise. I got the eating right part down., but I am never going to lose any more weight until I exercise. The best way for me to exercise right now is in the pool, so a new bathing suit is in order.

I don’t know about you but shopping the traditional way for certain things is incredibly frustrating and sometimes embarrassing. It truly makes me feel bad about myself and my body when am trying on bathing suits and there is nothing in the store that actually fits. Then the husband wants to see as well, so now I have to bring myself out of the fitting room. Not good. Same thing for other clothes. I mean think about it, if you are trying on things and nothing fits right or doesn’t come in that size, it is easy to like a fat freak or something. Even if that’s not true. We are very good at body shaming ourselves, others don’t need to do it.

Enter shopping online. at least I can get clothes and try them on at home where the hubby can see and no one else I don’t want to see. I still end up sending a lot back but now I can get the size I need without digging through racks upon racks of clothes that, quite frankly, hundreds of others had dug through. Ew. Germs. Some places (like Amazon Prime) also have a try before you buy feature. That means if I have a budget, I can still order the clothes, try them and send back those that don’t fit and only get charged for those I keep…that’s a win-win in my book.

Hopefully at least one of these bathing suits fit. I am trying new styles. If they don’t, I am ok with it. Just try again, from the comfort of my home. No strangers looking at you, perhaps judging you, no frustrating going through racks of clothing looking for your size to find out it doesn’t come any bigger, no waiting in line, not looking for parking., yep, it’s the only way to go.

haven’t been that size since high school.