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Snow Man Ornament Kit

Video and pictures of recent kit.

I am very excited. I created a Kit that you can buy from my Etsy shop. You can make Four Snowman Ornaments. I have included clear instructions and everything (except scissors) you will need to make these ornaments. I had this idea a couple of months ago and now it has come to fruition. I am thrilled.

Even the packaging is recyclable

The whole idea came to me when I was on Pinterest. I can spend hours don’t here! Anyway, I was looking at things I have pinned, and a sideshow tutorial I created a year or two ago was getting a lot of attention. People were liking and saving but I had no comments or pictures of the snowman others had made. It got me thinking. Maybe they like the idea but the thought of getting all the stuff was a hindrance. Maybe people feel like they love the idea, but don’t think they can actually do the craft, that maybe they really don’t feel they have the skills. I can see both of those things. Many crafts you see on Pinterest do require you to buy or gather things before you can even make them and, honestly, sometimes things I see to make require tools and skills I don’t have. I love the idea, just don’t have the things or the knowledge.

So the idea of creating a kit was born. I did a lot of brainstorming with the husband. What if I created a kit that had all the things you need? What if that kit did not require any special skills or tools? What if that kit resulted in an item that someone could have fun with and feel comfortable sharing on social media? What if that kit could be done by kids and adults alike and possibly together?What if that kit could be created using recyclable and/ or reusable items with minimal plastics? I set about answering those questions and the first kit was born.

Here is the instruction video (paper instructions are also included)