The Real Undead Part 2

The men took Alexis onto the Gospel bus. There she was carried to the back and unceremoniously dropped on the bench seat. She jumped to her feet and was immediately pushed back down. Again, she tried to stand and again was shoved down. Two women, petite, beautiful women sat on either side of her and grabbed her arms. They were stronger then they looked and Alexis was effectively trapped. When she gave up the women laughed and Alexis saw that they too had fangs. She was getting a little scared, maybe it was some sort of cult. She had to get off this bus.

It was not to be, she had smiled, asked politely, and even begged, but the women ignored her. Soon all seats were filled, the door closed and the bus drove away from her sister’s house.  None of the passengers even looked at her.  Alexis was stuck, at least for the moment. She had heard somewhere that one should never let someone get you in a vehicle and drive away. Well, she failed that. She would just have to keep calm and keep an eye out for opportunities to get the hell out of here. She relaxed and was rewarded with the two women releasing her arms. Alexis rubbed them and looked out the window, perhaps she could see where they going.  She leaned back and closed her eyes. Let them think she was sleeping; hopefully they would leave her alone then.

The bus had stopped. That must have been what woke her. She was irritated at falling sleep but then reassured herself that maybe it was a good thing, when one is tired they make mistakes and miss opportunities. This way she would be fresh and ready when she got her chance. She looked out the window.  The sun was up and it looked to be a beautiful day outside, well at least as much one could tell looking through dark tinted windows. The bus was parked in front a little blue house with a white picket fence and some kind of pretty blue flowers growing on either side the walk up to the doors.  No one sitting on the bus made any move to get off; they all just sat quietly, eyes forward.  The door to the house opened and out stepped a woman completely covered in black from head to toe.  She even had dark glasses on and a big, wide black hat with a mesh veil covering her face. Alexis watched as she boarded the bus. The driver barely opened the door wide enough to let her on and closed it within seconds as she entered. The woman walked towards the back of the bus taking off her hat. She was very beautiful with short, blond, spiky hair, big blue eyes and a bow shaped mouth. She removed the layers of clothing as she walked down the narrow aisle, revealing a slim, but curvy sexy and very white body clad in short shorts and a bathing suit top. She reached the back of the bus shooed the woman who had been guarding Alexis, sat down.

“Good!” thought Alex, “a new person, perhaps she could give me information.  Maybe even help me.”

“Hi” Alexis ventured. When she got no response, heck, the gal didn’t even look at her, she tried again.

“I am Alexis what is your name?”

That got a response. The woman bared the same fangs that the others had and hissed at Alexis “I know who you are. You do not need my name. You do need to be quiet and if you want to arrive in the same beautifulness you currently are, sit there and be good. Now shut up I am tired.” With that, the woman shut her eyes and seemed to sleep. There was no help there.  She was the same as the others. Crap.


The bus drove on throughout the day. At one time, the group had passed around a thermos; each one took a sip and gave to the next person. They did not offer it to Alexis. The woman next to her had waved it away and a man in a business suit up front yelled at her to drink, as she needed her strength. The Blond sneered at him and then passed it in front of Alexis to the woman on the other side. Alexis’s hands were slapped when she tried to grab it; she was hungry and quite thirsty. It was okay though, Alexis could not identify it but it smelled salty and metallic.

At another point, someone threw a bottle of water and a one of those prepackaged sandwiches, the kind one gets from a vending machine at Alexis. The sandwich was egg salad. Normally there was no way Alexis would eat; she just did not trust those kinds of sandwiches. Who knew how long it had been sitting in the vending machine. She was hungry though and inhaled the sandwich. What is the worst that could happen? She could get salmonella she supposed, but she was also in a bus full of people who belong to some kind of vampire cult who had also kidnapped her. She downed the water and still thirsty, tentatively asked for more. They granted her request and she had down that as well. Now she had to go to the bathroom. Badly. Her bladder felt like it was going to burst and she was going to ask to stop, no matter the consequences, when the bus stopped.

Alexis expected to be escorted off the bus but that did not happen. Instead, the others all left the bus, including her guards. The Blond told her that if she wanted to live not to try anything stupid before she had left. When the bus was empty, Alexis got up and walked to the front of the bus. She hesitated at the door and looked out. Some of the group looked at her but only a passing glance. It seemed they had stopped at some kind of a rest area. There were vending machines and buildings that Alexis supposed had the bathrooms. Bathroom is what she desperately needed. She stepped off the bus and headed directly to the building. Alexis entered the building and used the facilities.  With that taken care of and being much more comfortable, she looked around. It seemed like here kidnappers were everywhere. Some were just standing and some walking in pairs or in small groups.  None of them looked like they had just been sitting in a bus for the day. Alexis’s own body was sore and she really wanted a cigarette.  She had lost her purse when they first grabbed her. Maybe the vending machines had some; she started to walk to them but stopped when she realized that she had no money. Damn. She really wanted one. Hell, maybe she could find one in the ashtrays. No good, she remembered she had no purse. No purse meant no lighter. No lighter meant no way to light a cigarette.

Still fretting over her forced nicotine detox, she plopped down on a bench. She did not notice the man in the suit approach her until he nudged her with his leg. She looked up and he handed her a lit cigarette, smiled and left. Alexis inhaled deeply. Aah, yes. She got up and started to walk towards the parking lot, as was her habit. She never smoked where there were many people around.  As she walked, she realized that no one was following her. She stopped and turned around. It seemed no one was even paying attention to her. She looked on both sides of her. There was nothing on the left but on her right was what looked like a wooded area. Perfect. She would get in there and hide, until the left. She was very good at tree climbing had always been, and she held the record for the climbing wall at her gym.

Alexis strolled first to the left, smoking her cigarette, then to the left.  She causally, well at least she hoped it looked casual, ambled towards the woods. She took another drag and looked around nonchalantly. No one was looking at her. She flicked the cigarette, turned and ran into the woods.

She ran as far as she could. Fortunately, it was not far. Unfortunately, she also did not get far before she ran out of breath. Damn, she was going to have quit smoking. Wheezing, she stopped next to a tree.  Using it for support, she bent over and tried to catch her breath. Yes, she was going to have to quit. As her breathing finally slowed, she heard noises coming from behind her. Damn. She looked up at the tree. The nearest branch was too far above her. She tried to get purchase on the trunk but could not. She got but a few feet before sliding down.  Forget it; Alexis started to run as quietly as she could. She needed to find a hiding spot. Over there. There was a thick copse of bushes over there. That would do. Just as she reached it though, she was grabbed from behind Alexis let out a shriek. She was thrown to the ground hard enough to knock the breath out of her.

She looked up. It was the Blond from the bus. However, she was no longer beautiful and was just terrifying. Alexis was looking at someone, something, with red eyes blazing and a mouth full of sharp teeth the sharpest behind the two fangs coming. It was making a horrible screeching/hissing sound.  Alexis could not scream. She scrambled backwards, trying to get away. The Blond advanced on here and soon stood over Alexis. Alexis opened her mouth but still no scream came out. The woman straddled Alexis, reached down and grabbed Alexis by her chin. Alexis felt immense pain as she was lifted by her jaw and brought close to the Blond’s face.  Alexis could not move her head. The Blond’s eyes were terrifying, it was like looking into hell itself. Her breath smelled of decay, like death. The fangs were glistening and coming closer to her neck. Alexis closed her eyes; she knew this was the end.  She hoped it would be quick. Feeling the pressure from the fangs on her neck, Alexis tried to close her eyes tighter.

Suddenly the pressure was gone, there was no bite and Alexis was dropped to the ground.  She quickly got to her feet. The man in the suit had the Blond by her neck. They were both hissing at each other.

“Run” Alexis told her feet, but they didn’t listen

She remained rooted in place. The Blond was trying to grab the man holding her but he was obviously bigger and stronger. Finally, the Blond quit hissing and went limp. The man set her down.

“I told you to drink earlier. You disobeyed. And you almost screwed up beyond redemption” The man waved his hand towards Alexis as he spoke.

The Blond, who suddenly looked as she did on the bus, harmless, replied, “I was not hungry then.  I had eaten well the night before.”

The man threw the same flask at her “Drink you idiot”

She complied and he then turned his attention to Alexis. “You, you are a fool. You should not have tried that. It is a good way to die”

He started towards Alexis whose feet decided now was a good time to listen. She turned and ran. She only got a few feet when the man suddenly appeared before her. He grabbed her.

“Stop it. Do not be foolish. Here, walk with me, have a cigarette.”

The man let go of one arm, but had a viselike grip on her other. It hurt. Her poor arms had been gripped and yanked so much in the last well she wasn’t sure of how many hours, but a day at least.

“Let me go you are hurting me! I will behave.”

The man let go of her and agreed, “Yes. Yes, you will.”

He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and offered her one, raising one eyebrow in question. When she hesitated, he shook one out into his mouth, lit and handed it to her. This time she took it. He gave a slight bow and indicated with his arms that she should go first. When she did not immediately do so, he gave her a little shove and Alexis walked back with the bus. She did look, but did not see any way to get away again. The others watched her as she reached the bus. She dropped the cigarette aiming to put it out before boarding the bus but the man in the suit picked it up and handed it back to her.

“No need. You can smoke on the bus.”


*to be continued….


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