The Taz Talks

9301284793_d06fcce61a_mThe other day my human posted a video in which I, Taz, was  featured. Although I am indeed star material, my people made it look like I was attacking them.  I am shocked. Can you imagine that me, The Taz would be made to look like I was wrong and mean? See for yourself…



BUT now that you have seen that I would like to say in my, and cats everywhere, defenses, I was not attacking my humans. It is our job as cats, when humans are making beds, to make sure that no bed bugs, fleas, no-see-ems and other nasties do not also

Tazjump on the bed. My human, T,  got in the way and that is why she was bleeding. Battle lust. I, The Taz, was just doing my job.

I just wanted to clear that up. I am a good kitty. I patrol the house everynight and make sure nothing
happens to my humans while they sleep. They have horrible hearing you know. They also can’t smell nothing. Truly humans are useless except for feeding me and the occasional petting.

I was born in the streets and lost my mom at a young age. I know how to defend me and my humans. There is only one thing that will stand between me and my T, and that is the street cleaner monster. I am a bit ashamed to say that I have been defeated by that behemoth. BUT all others better watch out for my fierce defense. I have razor blades for claws and daggers for teeth. So if you are a bad thing..dont bother coming here.

So I will bid you farewell for now. I have been silent on all these posts here that mention me, posting my picture and talking behind my back. I shall allow it to continue but if it requires explanation I will write you again.

The Taz