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Blue Fire

Blue FireThe best thig about the internet is I get to learn and more importantly see things that I would not have learned otherwise. As a kid, we had a big set of Encyclopedias (prehistoric Google) and two giant dictionaries. I am that kid who read both for fun. I would open up the book and randomly pick a page and read it. SO when the internet came along, well honey, it isnt nothing more than an infinite encyclopedia and there is funny stuff too. Well I randomyly picked a page and read it and guess what i found. I found a page that told and showed me about Kawah Ijen crater.
The Kawah Ijen Crater is a crater with a acidic lake in the bottom of it. It is located in east Java Island, Indonesia and has a Blue Flame phenomenon, there are only 2 in the world (the other one is in Iceland) and can be seen only at night. It is very neat to look at and look at not on the video but the page I got it from and then you too can know what I now know. Check it…