Tagalooma Wrecks, Bucket List Item

220px-MoretonOn the coast of south-east Queensland, Australia, sits the world’s third largest sand island, Moreton Island.  In case you wonder as, I do, the largest is Frasier Island also on  Queensland’s coast.  The second largest is North Stradbroke and it is located, yes you guessed it, Queensland. A sand island is an island that made entirely (or mostly) of Sand.  I diverge, the sand island I wish to talk about today is Moreton Island, the world’s third largest sand island.

atercolour miniature portrait of British navigator Matthew Flinders, dated about 1800.

Watercolour miniature portrait of British navigator Matthew Flinders, dated about 1800.

Moreton got it name from  Matthew Flinders, who was an English cartographer, navigator and the first person to circumnavigate Australia and deem it a continent.   Moreton Island has had a couple of lighthouses and small villages upon it but the town that got things rocking was Tagalooma. It was originally a whaling station, processing up to 6,277 humpback whales in it s time.  In 1963,whaling was ba0909p20-flensing-a-whale-carcassnned in Australian waters and the town was sold for resort property. A resort is what it is today.

As a resort it is pretty nice I am told .They have swimming off of  white sand beaches. There is dolphin petting. Now that is something I don’t think I want to do. I see dolphin as feral fish with sharp teeth.   I have nice soft skin that would be easy to rip apart, so no swimming with predators for me.  There is whale watching. Guess once you quit killing them there is money to be made watching them.  There is a host of other things to do, with boating as one of them.snorkel_03

It is the boating that caused the most amazing part of Moreton Island,  the Tagalooma Wrecks, the shipwrecks on a sand bar in front of the Resort.   They all did not wreck on the sand bar as I read in one place. (Got to be careful what you read on the internet). These wrecks were brought in on purpose and placed on the sandbar to create a safe harbor for the boats. I can’t find the names of the ships, I can only find that they were junk ships.

The ships  prove to be a good place for scuba and for snorkeling, there are many fish enjoying the  man-made reef and I am told it is a fun way to explore a “shipwreck”. You can also swim out to them, they are that close.  Personally, I want to go see them. Moreton Island  and tth Tagalooma Wrecks are definitely going on the bucket list.

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