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In Shelby township in Michigan a woman was out gardening, doing yard work and just enjoying the day when a Pig came running at her. The porcine torpedo was knocked off course by the lure of a ball and therefore, the woman was unharmed. She did, however, call the police and reported the piggy for  scaring the heck out of her. The Shelby Township’s Finest arrived and apprehended the Pig which gave them little trouble. Well, except for when it was place under arrest and put in the bag of the patrol car. There it made a HUGE mess, using it as his own personal  bathroom  The owner did call and bailed out  the porker. The owner also cleaned out the back of the patrol Car. Rumor has it, though , that the pig was actually Mr. Giggles who is running for Mayor. A publicity stunt such as this well definitely get him  that  desired name recognition.

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Adam Smith,  (Executive Vice President of Strategic ) of the  Commemorative Air Force  has found the Plane that started the whole D Day invasion. The plane called, “That is All, Brother”  is a  Douglas C-47   led the more than 800 aircraft and 16,000 paratroopers to Normandy, France, on June 5, 1944.  It has been sitting in an  aircraft boneyard in Wisconsin, where it was fated to become unrecognizable.  The CAF is raising money to bring it the historic plane,  to Dallas Executive Airport, although the money raising part will be not a problem. They intend to restore the C-47 to its former glory  and use it to to tell the story of America’s  military planes  (A special thanks to my friend  John S. for sharing this story with me .)


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On June 2 the annual Strawberry Moon was seen. It is called a Strawberry moon not because of it’s color but because it was an indication of a time to harvest the strawberries. ( Quick note here. Strawberries are called so not because of the straw but because their original name was strew berries. Strew berries were so named because of the viny patches in the wild, made  it look as if the berries were thrown about.) The true color of the Strawberry moon is a warm amber color and is low on the horizon. It is also called a honey moon. Yep that’s where we get the name  June is popular  month to get married under the Honey moon.  In Europe where strawberries are not native, the moon is called the Rose moon. Why did North America Not get a chance to see the Strawberry moon? It is because it rose 12:19 pm below the horizon for North America.  Sorry you did not get to eat your lunch under the Strawberry moon.
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Photo credit: Randy Brown This photograph of Arctic lampreys is taken from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.

Photo credit: Randy Brown
This photograph of Arctic lampreys is taken from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website.


Fairbanks, Alaska is a not always the easiest place to live in. There are many things that go can happen to a person in the last frontier but  seeing fish falling from the sky is unusual even by Alaska’s standards. Arctic lampreys have fallen from the sky at least four times.  Arctic lampreys are about a foot long and have a life cycle much like the  salmon. They spawn in the muddy banks looking much like worms. As they mature they move out to the sea returning to  spawn yearly. The Arctic Lamprey is native to Alaska but is rarely seen in the Fairbanks area. To see one laying the parking lot of the value village is giving the locals pause. The  Alaska Department of Fish and Game says that gulls who are dropping their dinner  are probably responsible for the weird weather.
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