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Smoking And Weight Loss, Same Excuses

Smoking and weight lossWhen I quit smoking a couple of years ( https://theblogofteresa.com/quitting-smoking-6-1-12), I went through a weird period in the beginning of my quitting. Where people told me about other people they knew who had quit smoking and how they did. It was the typical reactions. “Oh, I see you are wearing the patch, I have an uncle, aunt brother, sister, next door neighbor co-worker, mom, dad, and/or best friend who used the patch too. Or I got told that (insert one of the aforementioned fool here) is trying to quit smoking too, but they are using the gum, cold turkey, Pills, hypnosis, acupuncture or pressure or the most popular, e-cigarettes.
After being a non-smoker for a while, I started to run into people who still smoked but knew as a smoker. Those folks I usually got a “good for you” type comment followed by a long dissertation of how they too tried to quit smoking and was unsuccessful. They, of course, we planning on quitting, soon, sometime, when the time is right or the stars were aligned or something. I also got those people who hardly knew me or, in some cases, complete strangers, who would just have to tell me why they could not quit smoking. Again, I think the stars have to be aligned properly or something.
Now that it has been a couple of years since I quit smoking, I decided it was time to take of the weight that I gained form not only not smoking (weight gain was not an excuse I was gonna use to NOT quit). I also gained some pounds the freaking Prednisone side effect for me was to make me hungrier than normal and likes to redistribute the fat in your body. The Prednisone and the lung disease was something I had to work out. I literally would be on the couch unable to move without gasping for breath until the Prednisone and other meds would kick in and work. Yet I was incredibly hungry. Therefore, I was eating and not exercising and well you know what happens then. Yep I got too fat.
I digress though. It has been literally 8 days since I started a serious diet. For the most part, I have stuck with it and I have lost 4 pounds. I am starting to be asked about it by my co-workers. Oh how they love to bring donuts into work. When I say no thank you they ask me if I am on a diet and when they find out I am, indeed, on a diet, they ask what kind. They really don’t care what kind or how I am doing they just really want to tell me about their diet. Or their uncle, aunt brother, sister, next door neighbor co-worker, mom, dad and/or best friend diet. Or their inability to diet. Or all the reasons to not diet.
It is just like when I quit smoking. Everyone, I mean, everyone has tried to diet or has diet or just really wants to tell you about his or her adventures with food or no food. Giving you a reason why they are fat like you. As they eat their donut. That you declined. I imagine that as I lose more weight I will go through the same conversations that I did when I quit smoking. The biggest thing though, the thing that I think no one understands, is that I don’t care. If your want smoke, then smoke. If you want to eat donuts and be fat, be fat. Just please do not make excuses. Just be who you are. If you are uncomfortable then change it, if you are not. No need to tell me why you can’t lose weight or any other excuse, be who you are.

Smoking and Weight loss