A day in the life

Dirt Bike Riding

drtbikeI went dirt bike riding this weekend. Well, that certainly does give the illusion that I was going sideways around corners and flying off the top of dirt hills that have been expertly groomed and speeding down tracks that have been watered to minimize any dust there may be. While I have nothing against that type of riding, I am not capable of doing so. Yeah, not by a long shot. It was only my third time on the bike and only the second time on actual dirt. The first time I went riding, my husband, and I went to his Parent’s house. They have a large backyard and I went around in circles. Kind of Nascaring it but instead of lefts, I made rights only. I was wearing a helmet that a bit big for me head so it kept slipping down where I could only see a just what was in front of me. Every now and then, I would lift up my head to see farther usually just in time to clear the bit white van parked back there.  I had a blast and as it turns out, I passed a couple of tests. The first was being able to start the thing. The second was that I had fun and wanted to do it again. Are you kidding? I was laughing the whole time and as soon as we were done, I asked when we could go again. A little back history is in order here. My husband raced dirt bikes for quite a while. A 25 + year member of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and Past member of AHRMA. He knows a thing or two about racing and riding dirt bikes.  My son was taught dirt biking form his dad. There was more to the son learning then just having a dirt bike partner for my husband. We got him a bike; dad showed him how to work on it and how to ride. They went riding many weekends when the son was not playing baseball. Lots of dad and son time AND no real time or money left over for girls. The girls did kind of hang out on the driveway though when he was wrenching on a bike. The result being that my son is also very good at riding and has done a few races himself. I am safe with both husband and son out there teaching me. Both of them are quite patient teachers. The second time we went out we went to an Off Highway Recreational park Called Carnegie. The plan was to have me go up and down the dirt road there but it turns out that the rangers had set up an area for new riders. The area has all kinds of things that one may run into and need to know how to handle but in small easy to maneuver sections. They have a small turn into slope like a motocross track. There is small area of loose dirt. There are cones set to learn how to weave or how to take corners. And lots of big areas to get some speed.  Through all of me just getting used to the bike and learning how not to abuse the poor thing, the boys were right there with me. Giving me hints and going slow on their big boy bikes, following me around the learner’s area. This time we went to the same park and went back into the learner’s area. I am actually proud of myself as I did not load up the bike, and remembered what gear I was in. Now those of you who ride don’t laugh at me, but I did indeed forget what gear I was in the first time at the park. This time I figured it out. My honey had me play follow the leader with him leading. So I tried all kinds of different things. I learned how to use the breaks properly and how to go through a few more obstacles. I think I am reading to get out on the trials now. Had soo much fun out there. The Husband and son keep telling me that I have not fallen down yet, so of course it is still fun. I don’t know. No, I haven’t fallen down, but I don’t think of it. Any more then I think of crashing when I get into the car. I am not reckless in the car but I have had accidents. Other people have hit me. I used to ride horses; I have fallen or have been asked to leave by the horse. I still would ride horses.  I am having fun. If or, when I fall I fall. It will not stop me from riding. I am having too much fun and cannot wait to get out on the trails!