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Salad To Go

Salad to GoI am a person who is basically lazy. That trait as well as being in possession of a lousy memory has caused me to leave things all over the place. Lets say you were going to bring lunch to work. And you want to eat more then a sandwich.   You want salad. Well you put it all together in your Tupperware® and bring it to  work. Come lunch time, you opened it up and the dressing has made the cheese soggy, the croutons wet and the salad quite limp. Yuck. Even if you eat it, you now have to remember to bring home the Tupperware©. If you are like me by the time I remember to bring it back to my house, it is now home to millions of fuzzy little growths.
There is also some places that insist you have a bag check before you leave work.  Somewhere , someone says that has been studies that say the majority of thefts from work are committed by  the employees so many people get frisked before they leave I have heard of people who have had to wait  15 to 20 minutes after they have clocked out before they have their stuff looked and given the go-ahead to leave.
Well I have come up with a way to pack your salad, keep it nice and crispy,  not have to remember to bring anything home and have no bag to be checked before you  can leave.



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OK where is this black cube??? I can not find it .. but I glad you like it…It has saved me a lot of grief…

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