Rocks for the Trees

So yesterday I bought some rocks to put into my potted plants to thwart the squirrels who do not understand that I really do not want them to bury all their things in my yard and especially in my potted trees.  That the Baby Meyer Lemon and Mandarin trees do not need a nice peanut to keep their roots company. Which brings me to people who feed peanuts to squirrels and what not. STOP IT. They have little nutritional value for either the birds or the Squirrels. Also if they have been left out in the weather (the peanuts not the critters) they may develop toxic mold. SO not a good idea for the Squirrels.

Anyway back to Rocks.  Ye,s you heard that correctly earlier,I bought them. I live in California. You buy rocks.  My OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhoney was  not  very happy with the idea for several reasons.

1. He hates when he hits rocks with his lawnmower. He claims that rocks never stay where you put them, that they always go travelling and usually come to rest where he wants to use the mower.

2. He thought that maybe I could just pick up rocks every time I take a walk around the neighborhood.  Like maybe I could become a sneaky rock thief or something. I can see the headlines. Rocks disappear! Police looking for clues. I nixed that idea. I have children. I am sure they don’t want to explain that their ex-con Mom went  to jail for stealing people’s rocks.

Off  to Orchard Supply Hardware store I went. On Memorial Day. It was wild in there. I thought every one would be at the cemetery, or the Air field down the road a piece where there was a display of old military planes. Maybe they were even like Barbecuing,which is what most folks do, but nope they were at the hardware store. OK to be fair,  the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbig sale was that OSH would pay the sales tax. That’s like 10% off.

There was a ton of people int he Garden area outside and I waited quite a while to get help. They were so busy and I was being  patient. ( Yes I was). Eventually Methuselah showed up and helped me. We talked about types of rocks and then he showed me how much a .5 cubic feet was. I am much like Bill Cosby’ Noah when he asked The Lord. “Whats A Cubit?” I was all “Whats a Cubic?” So he shows me a another bag of decorative glass. Glass, For your plants even.  He says to me while holding up a mall bag.

” A cubic is about a little more then one of these.”

Ok. So I grab the tag. It is one of those things that you get a little sheet of paper and bring it up to the cashier. Did I mention they were busy? I stood in line FOREVER. I mean it was a good 10 minutes. I felt super bad for the people behind me dang they had a huge wait for them. My turn! I decided that since a bag was a little more then a bag of little glass that i should get two of each. They were cheap as well so, yep, two of each.

After you pay you go to the little barn thing they have set up and give the receipt to a very tall thin young man who goes and get your stuff. My backs of River rocks and two of pebbles. And they were huge. Not HUGE, but more then I thought they were. It took two dudes to load the car.  and away i went to home. where the honey was like

“What did you buy!”

I tried to defend myself but nope. I bought too much rock. Because I thought it was less rock then it was. So now my trees and the Bell pepper have lots of rock and we still have rock left over for when, well I guess, when I need more rock.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA