Reduce Reuse Recycle

The 3″R’s”

Closed for Business

I was talking with my husband the other day about recycling. The biggest recycling company in our area (maybe state or even country wide)went out of business. It left a lot people holding the bag, (well not literally), full of plastic bottles and empty cans of soda and energy drinks. I was thinking that when I was young, people didn’t throw out a jar or a container. We reused them. The old joke about not knowing what was in the butter tub in the fridge..butter or leftovers, comes to mind.


Small Ice cream Cup Container used for plain water
Small Ice cream Cup Container

I will admit I have been rather lax about the reuse thing. Probably because they trained us to wash it out and throw into the recycle bin. I have always saved certain things that would make a great craft for the granddaughter, IE paper towel rolls and small yogurt cups. I save really good boxes for shipping. Yet I seemed to toss most things.

Yogurt Cup I use for a little bit of acetone to clean the fingers
Yogurt Cup


While being far from an Eco-warrior, I have begun to save and reuse things. I am more aware of what I am buying and is the packaging really necessary. A good example is corn. Corn that is still has it husk on and sold loosely has much less packaging than the ones that have been pre-husked and is now on a Styrofoam plate covered with plastic. The loose ones tend to be cheaper as well.


So yogurt cups, ice cream cups, jars, egg cartons, and other things have all found a home and a use in my workshop. I will continue to purchase less packaging and reuse what I can. What about you? Whats your favorite thing to reuse?

At the end of the following post is a great video on how the recycle plastic bottles into yarn.