Not Smoking, Not Exercising, No Good Attitude

I am still not smoking. That is amazing to me. Beyond amazing.Like a miracle. I am still using lozenges but rarely. I think I leave them in my pocket more for the security blanket effect than any other reason. My cravings are far and few between. It is about time for that as well. I remember the first thirty days, I thought the cravings would never stop and I was willing to settle for an hour without. Now I have maybe a craving once a day.
I did not exercise last week, mainly because i travelled and I was fortunate enough to pick up someones stray bug. I got an upper respiratory infection. Oh yippee. I was a little upset because I had just got over a cold. It takes me quite a bit to get over these things. I really wish people would cough and sneeze into their elbows or a tissue, and  not leave their germs laying about. Which also brings me to another rant.
I  do not get these infections on purpose. I am more susceptible to them and since my immune system has been compromised it is harder for me to “kick” them. It has nothing to do with my attitude. A positive attitude will not cure will make me more pleasant to be around, but it will not cure me. Prayer, I guess makes one feel like they are doing something but pleas to a higher power do not cure me either. If that is being negative so be it. I will say that I am a person who does not go down in defeat easily. I have never laid down and gave up. I am a fighter and I continue to fight. My attitude changes, sometimes it is shitty and sometimes it is great. It does not prevent or cure my illness. So lay off of telling me I am sick because of  my attitude. Thank you, end of rant.
So, to continue on. I kinda miss exercising. I was hoping to be able to do so today, but not quite there yet. The medicines I am taking makes me a little dizzy so unless I find some poor sap to walk with me and catch if I go down, there will be no exercising until I am done with these medicines.
The upside to all this is I am not smoking. It is amazing to have an infection I have experienced before but not smoking. For one, it is great to not have the urge to smoke.I remember thinking I wanted one and putting it off, but eventually you HAVE to smoke. So you light one up. And cough and feel worse and make your illness last longer but you took care of the demands of your brain.
Also since I have stopped smoking I am free to travel It is a beautiful thing. No longer do I have to plan how and when I will smoke. Going on a plane (which I am deathly afraid of flying) no longer am I worried about how long the flight is, where I can smoke, Smoking three cigarettes before going into the terminal because I won’t be able to smoke in the airport. getting irritable because you just had an hour and half flight and now you have to get your luggage. Yep free from all that.
I no longer have that whole plan your travel around where and when you can smoke. It is a wonderful freedom.