A day in the life

Murder in the Park On Workout Wednesday

Ha. Murder in the Park. I thought that would get your attention. There were no bodies. There were no weapons. There were no suspects. Yet, there was indeed a Murder in the Park. Think on it. I will explain in a bit.

Its Workout Wednesday and I actually worked out.  I took a walk around the park. Usually when I walk I use the Couch to 5k app on my phone but not this time. I think my phone battery is getting old or my phone is getting old or something, but it is being quirky these days. I probably should go ahead and see if there is a warranty on the phone and get it tuned up but, meh. Maybe later.  The result is that I didn’t use the app this time.

I have been learning in pulmonary therapy how to warm-up, what type of exercising is appropriate for me and how to cool down. I have also learned how to use my Oximeter the right way and keep tabs on my oxygen levels. .Today when I got down to 55, I slowed down until I could bring that up again. The cool thing is it is taking longer for my oxygen levels to drop and less time for them to recover. YaY for therapy.

Today, I got 30 minutes of walking in, continuous. This is a good thing for me and it is something that is still hard to do. The plan is that when it becomes easier and I maintain good oxygen levels,  I will then push it 45 minute etc. Right now 30 minutes is good stuff.  And I enjoy walking around my park even with Murder in the Park.

I shall explain now…there was Murder in my Park. It sounds ominous but it is common place these days.  This murder like I said earlier, had no victims, no suspects and no weapons. It was made up of Crows. Yup,  a Murder of Crows. For those who don’t know a group or flock of crows is called a murder. I sorry just couldn’t help myself. Ha. Ok, I am not really sorry. I rarely go anywhere without my camera so below is some pictures for you.  Not the best quality because I did not stop to take pics,mostly because if I stop I don’t always restart HA!

Murde Of Crows Murder of crow Murder of Crow Murder of crow